Destiny – Upcoming Events

If you are one of the lucky ones, unlike me, I’m sure you’ve been having a blast playing Destiny since its launch on Tuesday. I however haven’t had much luck with servers, and my own internet problems. Please feel sad for me.

Anyway, as was to be expected, Bungie have lined up several events to take place over the next couple of months and they have given some details on what those events will be.

destinyCrucible events, Iron banner, and The Vault of Glass were all ones we would be expecting to see. But Queens Wrath? What is that. Some story missions? I’ve heard rumours that they could be a set of bounty like quests, but that’s yet to be confirmed.

Finally there is the ‘Combined Arms’ again not a lot of info, but I think I recall hearing that it was a multiplayer game mode?

Either way, I will be trying my very best to get involved with all of these.

– Will


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