Guerrilla Games New IP: Horizon Concept Art


Back at E3 2014 Neogaf user Shinobi602 commented that Guerrilla Games (Killzone Developers) may be showing off their new IP. Later on it was confirmed that they wouldn’t reveal anything here, but Shinobi602 did describe some info as:

Sounds unique, has some lush environments, robot dinos, other weird exotic creatures. Red headed female protagonist.

It’s *planned* as something’s ready, but things change last minute. Should expect a full reveal E3 2015 with a Fall ‘target’ release

Well a Chinese message board has posted what appear to be concept art from the new game in question:

gg1 gg2


It’s believed to be known as code name ‘Horizon’.

So what can we make of these concept art pics? Well… it’s Vikings, fighting metal dinosaurs. I guess that’s just about the best description available at the moment.

Hopefully more details arrive soon.


– Murr


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