Geekly Review #47

Well the weeks are dropping so quickly, before we know it, it’ll be Christmas again which is by no means a bad thing, until then though, here’s another Geekly Review..
Friday at work, was without a doubt the longest Friday in existence, the reason for this is that it was Hyrule Warriors day. I got confirmation from my mum in the afternoon that it had arrived, but prior to that it was such a long day. Finally though work finished, I rushed to my parents place to pick the game up, then home to play it for a while. I started it up on Dynasty controls and made my way through the opening level. However I wasn’t to get too long on it as a friend was coming over to hang out for a bit. So when he arrived I showed him the FIFA15 Demo for PS4, and then we spent the next 4 hours playing Mario Kart 8. Not a bad way to spend a Friday evening.

Saturday I went round to GSRR’s #1 fan’s place, He’s also a massive Nintendo fan too, so the afternoon was spent again playing Mario Kart 8, NintendoLand and WarioWare for WiiU. From there I went home and explained to my wife that I would be locking myself away upstairs and making a proper start on Hyrule Warriros. And I did just that playing it for a fair few hours. Instead of the main story mode I opted to play through Adventure mode. After finally spending time with it, it’s clear to see that it’s definitely a Dynasty Warriors title with Zelda added on top. But this is not a bad thing at all. I enjoyed taking over each keep and outpost on the maps, seeing the map turn from red to blue. I’m apparently terrible at finding the Skulltula’s that unlock images for additional bonuses. But I can see this game being one in which I’ll be replaying levels over and over to unlock weapons and materials to progress. After a while, I went back to Mario Kart 8 again determined to unlock Mirror Mode. It got pretty late so I called it a night then.

Sunday my wife and I went over to my mums house as it’ll be the last Sunday in about 2 months that myself, my brother and sister would be available to all meet up, so we had a family gathering. Once back from there I crashed out on the sofa with the cats an the wife and watched the Singapore Grand Prix. It was possibly the biggest bit of luck for Lewis Hamilton as Rosberg retired from the race not picking up a single point, this gave Lewis the chance to leapfrog Nico in the championship… If Lewis could win. A safety car made Lewis sweat a bit as it meant he had to try and gain a 27 second lead in around an hours worth of driving to gain enough time to change his tyre’s. He was just short of this when he pitted and found himself behind Vettel with not long to go. But within a lap he overtook and was on his way to win the race and take the lead in the championship.

After this I went to GSRR’s #1 fan’s place again as it was WWE Night of Champions PPV later on. I went over about 7 and we played co-op Hyrule Warriors on each of our WiiU’s to unlock more story for each other. People mentioned that playing co-op you could see a massive drop in graphic quality, and they were not wrong. The drop is very noticeable. I like Hyrule Warriors alot, and I love Nintendo, but they do make strange decisions. The fact that playing Hyrule Warriors on co-op, one player uses the tablet and that’s their main screen, and the 2nd player uses the TV is fine, however if player one pauses on the tablet, it causes the player on the TV to pause too, but this player could be the other side of the map, there is no need to pause both the players. Nothing major, but something that could be different all the same. Once again as we do we went back to Mario Kart 8 till Night of Champions started, then we watched that till 4am, and I was up at 7am for work this morning. Yay.


This was a surprise

So in short the weekend… Mario Kart 8, Hyrule Warriors, Formula 1, WWE Night of Champions. It was a good weekend.

– Murr

The Friday just gone had been a date set in my dairy for a little while, I had planned to head over to a friend’s house and play Destiny nonstop until the early hours of the morning. Despite a few network issues at the start of the evening, we eventually got underway.

I did actually steam a fair bit of gameplay during the night on  Twitch, but there seems to have been some issues with archiving, and it isn’t showing up, which is annoying as I was planning on putting it here…

Throughout the night we took on a couple of strike missions, including The Summoning Pits on the moon, which wasn’t too difficult until the very end, then things got a little crazy, mainly because at one point we got trapped in a room for a while and it was bombarded with all sorts of enemies. But eventually we triumphed taking down Phogoth the untamed. We also took on  a daily heroic challenge on Mars which granted me my first piece of legendary armour in the form of some gauntlets, Ryan was pretty jealous. We finished off the night with a fair bit of Crucible play.


My Hunter sporting his legendary gauntlets.

As Meg had been away a lot this week working, we’d decided that we wanted a very quiet weekend, so on Saturday we pretty much did nothing, apart from watch some films, and just generally chill out.

For a little while now I’ve been wanting to setup a ‘geek room’ in our house.  Now I don’t actually have a separate room that could be turn in to a geek room, but I do have a nice snug little corner under our stairs in our living room, so on Sunday I started clearing out the rubbish to setup my area. It’s not finished, but I’m liking how it looks so far.


As I said, not finished, but it’s a start.

With this now set up I’m hoping to start getting a lot more recording done. So expect to see more videos in the near future.

– Will

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