WWE Night of Champions 2014 Results


Summerslam saw John Cena get an “ass whoopin” for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship last month, Night of Champions John Cena wants redemption, did he get it?

WWE Tag Team Championship – The USO’s vs Gold/Stardust

To start the show off we were treated to the John Cena’s of the tag team division against the reinvigorated Gold/Stardust who have had a great run of recent in WWE. Goldust was sporting a new bit of face paint for the occasion. It was a pretty exciting start to the PPV with the Uso’s doing their standard high flying. There was a great spot where Goldust landed a rolling senton followed by one of the Uso’s diving out of the ring onto Stardust. It was entertaining and got the crowd going. The Gold/Stardust brothers won the match via rollup pin count. Not a great clean win, but still finally new tag champions. Kind of wished the Wyatt’s had won this what… 5 PPV’s ago though.

United States Championship – Sheamus vs Cesaro

This match… I marked out as noted by one of the chaps I was watching it with. Like the USO’s I’m also fed up of Sheamus and at the hint of Cesaro potentially winning this I got a little too far into it. I mentioned that when WWE2k15 comes out i’ll be creating a stable called the “Happy Face Club” featuring Sheamus, Cena and the USO’s. Anyways it was another good match keeping the fans going. Cesaro reversing Sheamus 10 club to the chest signature move was exciting. As much as Sheamus annoys me he can put a match on, and he did his part in this making Cesaros move set look powerful. The Uppercuts were sold very well. The match itself though ended with a bit of ref intervention though. With Sheamus in the corner looking all but beat with Cesaro laying into him with punches, the ref pulled Cesaro back, to which a split second later Sheamus hit the brouge kick. Good Night Cesaro. A very awesome match from both wrestles, but not the result I wanted.

Intercontinental Championship – Dolph Ziggler vs The Miz

I’ve not watched Raw in some time, So I wasn’t aware of this Miz and Ziggler having doubles (R-Ziggler and Damien Mizdow) thing. I found it pretty hilarious watching Miz enter with Sandow mimicking his every move, but what was even more hilarious was the crowd sign regarding Dolph Ziggler and R-Ziggler…


They really let this air on tv

Anyways, the match itself was pretty much neglected by the commentators as they had special guests at ring side co-commentating. The guests were a group called ‘Florida Georgia Line’ who I’ve never heard of. So the match was good, but no attention paid. Sandow…sorry Mizdow was ringside and ended up mocking the special guests. They stood up and both pushed Mizdow, with R-Ziggler then joining the fray and beating on Mizdow. The pair of them ran up the stage and that was them gone. The action continued in the ring with Miz applying the figure four on Ziggler with Ziggy selling it as good as he always does. The end happened when Mizdow re-appeared to the ring, only to be kicked in the face by Ziggler. Miz took advantage of this and rolled Ziggy up for the pin to become the new Intercontinental champion…again. Well that’s 2 results In a row I’m disappointed with now.

Singles Match – Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns

This match didn’t actually happen as you’ll all aware that Reigns had to undergo Hernia operation 2 days ago. But just like the last time Rollins had a scheduled match that didn’t actually happen, he made the ref count to 10 and declare him the winner. He then openly challenged anyone back stage to fight him. At this point I’m begging that BigShow DOESN’T take the challenge. We see a taxi pull up and then the Lunatic Fringe is there. Ambrose is back! It was an awesome brawl all around the arena. An awesome spot seeing Ambrose climb a bit of the stage and elbow drop a group of security guards as he tried to get back at Rollins. I said it while watching, WWE should bring the Hardcore division back as Ambrose and Rollins would light it up and make it their own. There is a huge feeling of Stone Cold with Ambrose. Seeing him gatecrash, ruin authority and get escorted out of arenas with his hands tied behind his back. Hopefully this rivalry ends up with an amazing hell in a cell match at the next PPV.


Singles Match – Mark Henry vs Rusev

The latest installment in the USA vs Russia feud in the WWE. This time it was Mark Henry representing the USA. Lillian Garcia sang the national anthem in front of Mark Henry who cried. It was an awesome thing to see no matter how fake the tears were… it got the crowd really really pumped. However the crowd soon muted as the match itself was pretty boring. Big slow men… not much special too see. Rusev locked Henry in his signature camel clutch, but Henry broke out the first time. This got a bit of crowd reaction. But the second time and Henry tapped out. Russia wins again. It bored the crowd to tears…

Singles Match – Randy Orton VS Chris Jericho

So another pointless singles match higher up on the card than the other title belts earlier. However this match did a bit more to liven the crowd up as it was slightly more fast pace. Jericho keeps rolling back the years. We saw some vintage moves in the Lineassault and walls of Jericho. However the end was all to predictable. Jericho on the top rope calling for Orton to get up, When does and Jericho takes flight, he land’s right into an RKO that everyone could see coming. Entertaining match, and picked the crowd up. Jericho looking good and Orton getting a victory to make him sort of relevant again.

Triple Threat for DIVA’s Championship – Paige vs Nikki Bella vs AJ Lee

Very strange seeing this match on so high on the card. But they’ve been trying to push the DIVA division higher lately, and this match was a pretty good show. Paige is becoming more and more strange, but it’s a good character build. Nikki looked pretty good in terms of wrestling and AJ was her usual self, one of the best Diva’s around for some time. A nice spot saw AJ Lee get super-plexed from the top rope by Paige, but for Nikki to interrupt and push Paige causing damage to both divas. This bit will no doubt feature on next months Botchamania as you can hear Paige ask AJ if she is ready prior to the move. The match ended with Paige tapping out to AJ’s black widow finisher. Good to see the belt change again, but wonder will we be seeing a rematch at Hell In a Cell next month and the title switch hands again.

Singles Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship – Brock Lesnar vs John Cena

So at Summerslam Lesnar hit an F5 on Cena straight away. This time it was a role reversal as Cena hit an AA on Lesnar on the off. The match was a good brutal slobber knocker with punches and elbows connecting everywhere. Lesnar was no where near as dominant in this match as Cena was trying to overcome all the odds and match Ric Flairs records as a 16 time world heavy weight champion. Cena locked Lesnar into the STF twice but Lesnar over powered him to get the ropes. Then Lesnar put Cena in the armbar but this time Cena escapes. This is a pattern on how the match went. Back and forth all the way. Cena ended up hitting 4 AA’s on Lesnar. After the 4th he goes for the pin, but Rollins ran in and hit Cena on the back. The bell goes and Lesnar is disqualified resulting in Cena winning. However he doesn’t get the title as he has to win by pinfall or submission. Rollins then hits Cena with the money in the bank case to knock him out the ring. Lesnar begins to get up but Rollins curb stomps him and then shouts to the ring announcer and ref he is going to cash in. Before the bell rings though Cena is up and attacks Rollins causing Rollins to run off, but the cash in was never officially started so he remains the money in the bank holder, and Lesnar remains the WWE Champion. Part 3 to take place at Hell in a Cell… I’d say that’s a safe bet.

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