Shadow of Mordor: Let’s Play

As you may be aware from our Geekly Review, I picked up Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor on release day last week, and I wanted to share my experience of the game with you all. So I’ve decided to record my playthrough of the game.

I will mainly focus the videos on the main story missions, so obviously there will be spoilers. As a start I’ve uploaded the first two parts, I will aim to get the other parts up as quickly as I can play them and upload them.

Part one sees us introduced to Talion, and sets up the story for us.

In Part 2 we track down the Slaver and see if we can take him out. We also get a peek at a familiar face.

I hope you enjoy watching, please leave any feedback in the comments on here or YouTube, and stay tuned for Part 3.

– Will

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