WWE Hell in a Cell 2014 Results

We’re approaching the tail end of the PPV season. The latest PPV to take place didn’t feature the WWE Championship for the first time since Payback this year.

Now, before we go further let it be known that I made a mistake with regards to viewing the PPV. We’ve just had our clocks change back an hour, however USA haven’t had the clock change yet, thus meaning I switched onto watch the PPV an hour late missing the pre-show match and the WWE Intercontinental Championship bout. Slightly frustrating…
Singles Match – Bo Dallas vs Mark Henry

One of the matches I missed due to time change confusion, but from what I’ve read this was a quick and simple squash match for Henry

WWE Intercontinental Championship – 2 out of 3 falls – Cesaro vs Dolph Ziggler

Annoyingly another match that I missed due to time changes. One that I was highly anticipating due to the technical ability of both wrestlers, and Zigglers superb selling. Ziggler walked out retaining his belt with a clean 2-0 win.

Divas Match – Nikki Bella vs Brie Bella

The first of 2 diva’s matches this evening. This one continues on with the rivalry between the twins that started at Summerslam in August. There was a stipulation added to this match. The loser would become the personal assistant of the winner for 30 days, or be fired from the WWE.

It was a nice physical match which managed to get the attention of the crowd and keep it for it’s duration. The match was pretty quick with some nice spots. Nikki hit the ‘Rack Attack’ but Brie managed to kick out on 2. We saw the Yes lock applied by Brie but Nikki made it to the ropes to break the lock. A 2nd Rack Attack and that’s all she said. Good match.

WWE Tag Team Championship – Gold/Star-dust vs The Uso’s

It’s starting to get a little stale now with the Uso’s being featured in every tag team title shot, but as it stand’s at the moment, the WWE are not full to the brim with tag team talent, so it’ll appear that we’ll see the Uso’s vs the ‘Dusts’ again and again.

Fortunately on this occasion both teams were able to work to their bests to make an entertaining match. With a few close calls in which the Uso’s legitimately looked like they could sneak a win, it kept the crowd going. Flying spots as always seeing the Uso’s jump over the ropes out of the ring, and a nice double powerbomb from the top rope got good reaction. It ended in a result that was expected though with the Dusts retaining. So far I’m 2 for 2 on championship results wanted.

Hell In a Cell Match – #1 Contenders Match – Randy Orton vs John Cena

So… Cena win’s again and gets his shot at matching Ric Flairs record haul of championship reigns.

The match started ringside, and saw Cena push Orton into the cell face first. A chair was brought into the ring and wedged into the corner of the ring by Orton. Cena was rammed head first into this chair. Steel steps were brought into the ring and Cena countered and attempted RKO on the steps.

Orton countered an AA attempt with an RKO out of nowhere and covered but it wasn’t enough. Orton hit Cena with a low blow which is all legal in the cell. A table is set up in the middle of the ring and Cena is dazed on the top of the turnbuckle. Orton goes to bomb Cena through it, but Cena countered and hit an AA from the top rope through the table and wins via pin.

Good match, not the best these 2 have put on, but still somewhat entertaining.

WWE United States Championship – Sheamus vs The Miz

I really wanted The Miz to win this, which is saying something as I’m not really a fan of him at all. The match itself was pretty forgettable. In fact I spent the majority of the match watching The Miz’s stunt double Damien Mizdow on ring side copying everything that happened to The Miz in the ring.

The end of the match was also entertaining with Sheamus picking The Miz up and using him as a puppet and Mizdow copying everything that was happening to Miz.

This gimmick is still keeping the fans entertained, and it’s good for Sandow to get back into the attention of the crowd after his burial as Money In the bank holder last year.
Singles Match – Big Show vs Rusev

Why this match was so high on the card is beyond me. It was terrible. It’s hard to recap anything good from this at all. Rusev with a few nice kicks to Big Show’s head. Eventually the match ended with Big Show passing out from Rusevs submission finisher.

Russia wins again, who will stop this undefeated run… (John Cena more than likely that’s who)
WWE Divas Championship Match – Paige vs AJ Lee

A continuation of a rivalry started at Wrestlemania. The good thing is that these 2 can put on good matches. It was once again a good demonstration of why these 2 are the leading diva’s in the division with plenty of nice physical attacks connecting.

Somewhat strange is the result was won with Paige tapping out to the Black Widow applied by AJ, but in all previous encounters this is normally reversed at least once, but on this occasion not so.

Still it was a better match than the Big Show previously.
WWE Hell In a Cell – Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose

Here we go… Ambrose goes straight under the ring and litters it with chairs and bags of goodies. He then climbs the top of the cell and awaits Rollins. Rollins enters the arena with 2 guards. He sends his guards to the top of the cell to distract Ambrose and climbs up himself while Ambrose is busy beating the security up with a kendo stick.

Eventually the 2 clash on the top of the cell in a frantic flurry of punches. Rollins attempts to make his way down only to be pursued by Ambrose. Half way down Ambrose stops Rollins and they exchange punches and headbutts hanging on the cell. Ambrose connects with a headbutt and they both fall off the cell through the announcer tables below.

It’s already shaping up to be worth staying up for. A bit of time for the guys to get their heads back in the game as paramedics come down and stretcher both guys away.

Ambrose gets up off his stretcher and runs to Rollins knocking him off his stretcher. He throws him into the cell and the cell gets locked. The match is now officially happening. Cinder blocks make an appearance as a curb stomp through them in threatened. Corporate Kane sprayed Ambrose in the face with a fire extinguisher which allowed Rollins to bowerbomb Ambrose.

Ambrose elbow dropped Rollins through a table outside of the ring in another of the high points of the night.

It all appeared to be going well for Ambrose with retribution near. But then… Darkness. Some creepy music plays, then a light and hologram appear in the middle of the ring. Bray Wyatt appears in his creepy upside down persona. He attacks Ambrose and hits a Sister Abigail. He then sits and stairs at nothing. Rollins capitalizes and pins. He runs away with his case as the victor of this feud.

It was an amazing match put on by Rollins and Ambrose. I’m not even mad that Bray is now going to feud with Ambrose, I think it could be awesome. I just wish it had of begun on Raw tonight rather than messing up what was shaping up to be an awesome recovery for a pretty lackluster PPV.

I anticipate Ambrose’s reaction tonight on Raw, and do look forward to a rivalry between the 2 former leaders of rival stables. It’s good to see Bray in the spotlight again after falling of the radar for a little while.

– Murr

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  1. Tell me I’m stuck in the past, but I’m just waiting for Hogan to get involved in the Rusev storyline and have a face come down and save him. There’s just something about a nostalgic Hogan finger point (YOU!) that I think makes the storyline that much better.

    • A Real American is indeed needed to stop this Russian oppression 😉 Would be awesome to see Hulk take a stand.

      It won’t happen, but what i’d give to see Rusev in the ring with Lana doing some talk on how Rusev has conquered the best American athletes that the WWE can throw at them, and then you hear Kurt Angle’s theme tune blast out, and a pumped up Kurt with gold medals around his neck waving the American flag makes his way down the ramp to rapturous applause. There’s no “You Suck” chants on this occasion just fans marking out..

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