How Grand Theft Auto 5 Will Make The Most of Dualshock 4

Sony have updated their European Playstation blog with news on just how the Duelshock 4 controller will add another dimension while playing Grand Theft Auto 5 on Playstation 4:

A closer look at how Rockstar’s re-tooled crime epic is using the hardware:

When Grand Theft Auto V comes to PS4 on 18th November it will harness the power of the console to improve every aspect of the game, from increased resolution, more than twice the draw distance, a brand new First Person Mode and much more.

Some of the exclusive additions to the PS4 version aren’t things you’ll be seeing on the screen – Rockstar has included some additional functionality that takes advantage of some of the unique qualities of the PS4 controller.

Switch seamlessly between camera perspectives on the fly (including from first person to third person), switch radio stations, weapons and camera angles, and even quick-toss a grenade in the middle of a firefight – all with a swipe or a tap on the Touch Pad.

Because any aspiring career criminal would do well to keep their enemies close, you’ll be able to hear police radio chatter through the DUALSHOCK 4 controller’s speaker, as well as receive phone calls from friends and acquaintances Michael, Franklin and Trevor make during the course of the game.

The controller’s light bar will change colour based on the character you are playing and when the LSPD heat is upon you, the Light Bar will flash red and blue to make it perfectly clear that you might want to be somewhere else.

Grand Theft Auto V is coming to PS4 on 18th November and is available to pre-order on PlayStation Store now.


The idea of being able to quick throw grenades via swiping the touch pad sounds awesome, and I like that they’ll follow suit in using the speaker on the controller as a way of receiving calls on mobile phone much like Infamous and Watch_Dogs.

18th November can’t come soon enough.

– Murr


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