Geekly Review #56

Ok November, you need to slow down a bit. Where is the time going?

On Friday I spent most of the evening playing Destiny. Friday always sees the return of Xur and his lovely exotics, I had 21 strange coins – you need 23 to buy a weapon from him. As I was still rolling around with a rare primary weapon I decided I needed to get the exotic on offer from Xur. This week it was the MIDA Multi Tool a scout rifle, to be honest, it wasn’t really the gun I would’ve chosen, I don’t use scout rifles much, but I needed something with a bit more oomph. The problem was, was I still needed two more coins, so I started the usual grind in hopes that I would get lucky. It turned out RNGesus was on my side, because I managed to find one strange coin in a chest and another from an engram. Woo! Now I could get my first ever exotic weapon.


Not my first choice , but I couldn’t resist having an exotic.


I parted with my hard earned coins and took the MIDA Multi Tool in to battle. After about 15 minutes in the Iron Banner I ranked up my crucible level. When you gain a new rank, you get given some engrams as a reward. Off I went to decode them not really expecting too much. But, wait, luck was with me again as my first engram yielded a legendary primary weapon.  This actually irked me quite a bit. For weeks I’ve been rolling with my rare, hoping for a lucky drop. Waiting for that elusive legendary weapon. How typical that I finally get it right after I buy my exotic!?

Oh well, c’est la vie…

The rest of the night I spent in the Iron Banner as it’d made its return this week, and we’d been promised that this time, power DID matter. I think it did, but I never felt like I was too out gunned being a level 27 Hunter. But what I did notice was that almost everyone was using SUROS Regime, another Exotic weapon, and buy the end of it, I was quite fed up of hearing its distinct *pew* *pew*. Now, half of me thinks this is a problem, because clearly SUROS is a lot more powerful and effective than almost any other weapon, but then again it’s an exotic, its meant to be the crème de la crème, so surely it should be one of the best weapons in game.

On Saturday we popped in to town for two reasons.

One, to try out a new burger place, because burgers are awesome and I must try them all! Originally from Arlington County, Virginia, Five Guys has made its way over to the UK. I think it’s been in London for a little while, but one just recently open in Bristol, so I had to try it out. It was really good, but a little expensive for what is essentially a fancy McDonalds. Although I guess the sheer amount of fries they gave us – seriously, there were enough for about 5 people, makes up for the overall price?!

FG Burger

Mmmmm burger!


Reason number two, and probably the more important one, was to pick up GTA V on Xbox One!

Yea, yea, I’ve played it before, but I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to play it again as a next gen title. GTA V always felt like it should’ve been a next gen game, the size and scope of it was huge, and I’m glad that it was revamped for the latest consoles.

I haven’t actually been able to sample to much of the new stuff yet, as I’ve just been making my way through the early stages of the story. But I’ve just completed the first heist mission, and have now ‘unlocked’ all the characters. So I think now, I will take a bit of time to experience some of the new things on offer. Wildlife photography, stockcar racing, but mainly playing as animals… That s**t looks fun.

– Will

As you may have guessed, I spent alot of the weekend playing Grand Theft Auto 5 on my PS4.

Friday night I had nothing scheduled, so spent all evening back in Los Santos, I made a start on some of the new things that I got for being a previous gen player. The stock car races are actually quite difficult, but eventually made my way through them and unlocked the Monster truck I so desperately wanted. I just found myself slowly progressing through the missions, but spending a lot more time messing around. Stealing the massive planes and flying them in first person view over the military base and seeing a military jet fly over me and being hit by rockets. FUN!

The Saturday & Sunday day times were family affairs, Saturday having the inlaws over for food and the Sunday going to my parents for food with my brother & sister over with their other significant others and children. A classic Sunday of pub, food and laughs. While at the pub though I was avoiding TV’s as I didn’t want to hear the F1 results as I intended to watch that at home later on.

Mission accomplished, avoiding internet and TV all day, I got home and saw the 2014 F1 Championship be decided. I’m happy Lewis won it, however I’m a bit disappointed that Nico had technical issues and fell out of the points. Lewis did deserve the title of course, but it’d have been nice to see it go write down to the final lap with the 2 Merc drivers keeping each other on their toes. I also was willing Massa on in the final laps to pip Lewis to first as it’d have been nice to see Williams get a victory to top off their superb resurgence this year.


Hamilton clinched his 2nd F1 Championship.


With the F1 done, the usual WWE fans came over and we set up our PS4’s downstairs for an evening of gaming before survivor series. I showed off GTA to the guys who were yet to see it on new consoles, We then switched to WWE2k15. Now I’d been put off this game due to the reviews and impressions of it. A stripped down 2k14 with more bugs. Doesn’t sound too appealing. But having played it for a couple of hours it is actually pretty good fun. I’d imagine the career mode would be the best option to play. But it’s a shame they’ve stripped out so many different match modes in the multiplayer as that was one of the highlights of 2k14 for me.

Anyway Survivor series ended up being a pretty decent PPV. Results will be up later with full details, but I can say I was actually pretty happy with the main event. Hopefully (and I know I say this after every PPV) it ushers in a new era of talent taking the spotlight, but who are we kidding? Cena’s always going to win right!

– Murr


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