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The last of the big 4 PPV’s of 2014 took place last night. The traditional Survival Series with life changing stipulation for many involved in the main event. Should The Authority win, then all of team Cena would be sacked exlcuding John Cena. Should team Cena win, then The Authority would be out of power and as an added bonus we found out on the night, Cena would be in charge of the WWE Superstar destinies.

Pre Show

Singles Match – Justin Gabriel vs Fandango

It’s been a while since we saw Fandango, but he’s back, repackaged with new entrance music and attire. He’s still a ‘dancer’ but a change of style.

Anyways, this was a very short match in which Fandango did come across as impressive. He finished the match with his signature leg drop after landing some powerful clotheslines. An easy win for the returning dancer.

Singles Match – Jack Swagger vs Cesaro

An impromptu match, we love them, and so do the WWE, this would be the first of 2 impromptu matches, but funnily enough this was better than the one on the actual PPV. Cesaro takes to the ring pledging his allegiance to The Authority and spewing on about wars and how Swiss stayed neutral and such, Zeb Colter comes out with Swagger and a match that should have happened about 6 months back after their tag split up took place on the pre-show. Unfortunately a quick match that both Cesaro and Swagger did well. Standard momentum shifts and eventually Swagger locked the patriot lock in and Cesaro had to tap out.

Fatal 4 Way for the WWE Tag Team Championships – Gold/Stardust vs Los Matadores vs The Uso’s vs Miz&Mizdow

It’s official, Damien ‘Mizdow’ is officially over in the WWE Universe. Throughout the whole match the crowd were demanding for Miz to tag his stunt double into the ring for some action. When the big chance finally came, in his excitement to be participating in the match he jumped up and down moving backwards, only to be tagged out by Goldust. The crowd would have to wait to see Mizdow in action… but it’d be worth it. The match itself wasn’t the best fatal 4 way tag match to have taken place, but there were a lot of over the rope flying spots from all teams.

Mizdow genuinely stole the show, mimicking every action that the Miz did or had done, a particular highlight being Mizdow flinging himself over the ropes into the ring on his back, as Miz was body slammed. The persona is working for him, and he’s making good work of it.

Finally the closing stages, Stardust and Los Matadores were involved in a 4 way top rope slam, One of the Uso’s capitalized on Goldust laying in on the floor and awaiting an Uso Frog splash, Just as he left the turnbuckle Miz tagged himself in, but last moment Mizdow tagged himself in and covered Goldust for the win. The crowd loved it. The Miz not so much celebrating the win with both belts and Mizdow mimicking The Miz’s victory celebration with invisible belts. Hilarious!

4 on 4 Divas Elimination Tag Match – Team Fox (Alicia Fox, Emma, Naomi and Natalya) Vs Team Paige (Paige, Cameron, Layla and Summer Rae)

A very very quick match. Team Paige dropped out very quickly leaving just Paige on her own. There’s some promise in the diva’s division and the participants in this fight put on good shows and displayed their own individual talents, apart from Summer Rae who didn’t do much at all. To win a match with a move featuring an airbourne ass to the face, says it all about the match. Unexpected to see a clean sweep of one team, but it got the match out of the way quicker at least.

Singles Match – Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt

The rivalry between Dean & Bray feels like one Bray’s been in before. Trying to convince a face wrestler that he should snap and let his demons out. The thing is here, that Dean Ambrose maybe the best face going right now, but he’s Dean ‘Fucking’ Ambrose and he’s not afraid to use a chair or table in a match. Bray had moment’s of small talk with Dean in the ring convincing him that they could rule the world together in the WWE. Something I genuinely wouldn’t mind seeing as they are both quite similar characters. But none of it for Ambrose who made light work of Bray. There was an awesome body slam onto the steps and an incredible double clothesline outside of the ring that looked painful for both parties. The match ended in a DQ and a Bray win, when Dean Ambrose did what Bray wanted and beat him up with a chair. After the match, Ambrose wasn’t finished and put him through a table and buried him in loads of chairs. The final touch was getting a ladder out and teasing us all climbing it, but not jumping onto Bray. TLC next month has it’s first confirmed match, and it should be a hot one.

Tag Team Match – Heath Slater & Titus O’Neil vs Adam Rose & The Bunny

Impromptu match number 2. This spawned off an WWE toy advert backstage with these superstars playing with toy wrestlers. From here we’re some how treated to a tag match that we couldn’t care about. Honestly, Didn’t concentrate fully on this match opting to check other people’s opinions of it on different forums. Rose & Bunny won, but it was Bunny who got the pin much to the shock and disgust of his tag partner Adam Rose. Quite the rubbish filler match.

Singles Match for the WWE Diva’s title – AJ Lee vs Nikki Bella

Rumours are AJ was leaving WWE soon, so the odds were she was going to lose the belt here. And it happened, but it happened within seconds. The match started with Nikki’s sister on ringside making out… yes making out with AJ Lee. Then that was it, the match was over as Nikki took an unsuspecting AJ with a 3 count. A weird 10 seconds, and if AJ is leaving, a bit of an ‘F-You’ to her.

5-on-5 Traditional Survivor Series elimination tag team match – Team Cena (John Cena, Dolph Ziggler, Big Show, Erick Rowan and Ryback) vs Team Authority (Seth Rollins,Kane, Mark Henry, Rusev and Luke Harper)

We all knew that team Cena HAD to win. There was no way that Dolph Ziggler was going to be fired. The match started off with a pumped up Mark Henry against Big Show. Henry ran at Big Show and straight into a punch and that was Henry knocked out. Authority were down to 4.

I had high hopes for Ryback and Ziggler, I had a hunch that Ryback may have been getting the build up over recent weeks for something else, but that was all wrong as he was the first of team Cena to be eliminated after a curb stomp from Rollins. It was of course Rusev who knocked Ryback out, who’s also been built up massively this year. It’s one battle I’d be willing to see more of as they are both well built machines that could trade massive moves.

With Rusevs massive build up in mind, again I think we all knew he wouldn’t get a pin against him, and that was indeed the case. He tried to jump onto Ziggler who was passed out on the Spanish announcers table. As Rusev dived onto him Ziggler moved last minute and went through the table knocking himself out. He was counted out of the ring and the match therefore being eliminated but without taking a pin.

We finally got to see Harper and Rowan go at it, and the initial start was pretty awesome with both wrestlers just laying punches into each other and trading hits. Rollins assisted and hit Rowan with a flying knee and Harper pinned Rowan.

We’re down to Big Show, Cena & Ziggler (Who was knocked the F out) against Rollins, Harper & Everyone’s favourite Demon Kane…

They lined up staring at each other in the ring (apart from Ziggler who like I said, was knocked the F out ringside taking a nap) The next minute, Big Show smacked Cena in the head and KO’d him. The Authority looked stunned and Rollins jumped to cover him. Big Show walked over to HHH and shook his hand, then walked out of the ring, therefore DQ’ing himself in the process leaving just Ziggler (Who if you didn’t already know was knocked the F out chilling outside the ring) against Rollins, Kane and Harper.

it did’t look good.But I think Ziggler got his inner Cena shine through him. He kicked out of numerous pin attempts from all 3 of The Authority. Ziggler somehow hit Kane with a Zig Zag and pinned him straight away bring it to a 2 vs 1. The crowd are going ape. Is this Zigglers big day… will he get the push we all know he deserved?

Next up Harper who recently beat him for the Intercontinental title, again many kickouts from Ziggler and he managed to get a cheeky schoolboy roll up and steal the pin. The crowd again are going insane. 1 on 1. Team Cena back in the game thank’s to the show off.

By this point HHH has had enough and sends Rollins body guards into the ring to stop Ziggler. Ziggler though is not phased by this and shades of Hulk, Undertaker, Ultimate Warrior… *sigh* John Cena are showing through and he fights them off, continues to fight with Rollins, but HHH gets involved and pedigrees Ziggler. HHH Calls for a ref to come down to the ring (having knocked out 2 that were about to count a win for Ziggler) and he pulled Rollins limp body over Zigglers, The next thing the lights go out and a new video and music plays over the titan-tron.

The WCW legend who’s not ever featured in WWE had arrived. Sting was walking to the ring. HHH was in shock. HHH and Sting lock eyes in the ring with the crowd chanting how awesome this is. Sting takes out HHH and then reverses the cover and puts Zigglers arm over Rollins. The ref is back up and counts the win. Ziggler has won it almost single hand-idly.

Why did Sting help and why does he care who runs the WWE? It looks like Stings Mania match could be against the Game. We’ll find more out on Raw tonight.

Hopefully Ziggler continues further up the pecking list after this awesome display.

– Murr


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