Street Fighter V Announced for PS4 & PC


This weekend will hopefully be a big one for PlayStation fans as Sony celebrate 20 years of PlayStation with a 2 day ‘PlayStation Experience’ in Las Vegas this weekend. There are many rumour’s circling ranging from reviving dormant Sony IP’s to 3rd party games becoming Sony exclusive to Crash Bandicoot coming home.

Well hours before the video game awards and a day before the PlayStation experience the first bomb (if you’re a fan) has been dropped.

Street Fighter 5 will be a PlayStation 4 Exclusive. At least in Japan anyway. It’s still to be confirmed if it’ll feature on XboxOne rest of the world, but for now we know PS4 has Street Fighter 5 exclusively.

The trailer has since been removed from Youtube but screenshots from the trailer are still available:


sfv1 sfv2 sfv3 sfv4 sfv5 sfv6 sfvh


First of many Sony Megatons this weekend… here’s hoping!

– Murr

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