Video Game Awards 2014: The Winners

Last night the Video Game Awards took place in Las Vegas. The show lasted 3 hours and was a pretty decent mixing awards with performances related to video games and world premier trailers of already known about titles set to launch in 2015 and debuting brand new games.

Some of the awards however weren’t presented on the show, and I only found out the winners by searching for a complete winner list. It also seemed odd that some of the bigger awards such as developer of the year didn’t get a montage video or stage time yet other smaller catagories did.

There was a rather touching tribute to Ken & Roberta Williams who created Sierra game stuidos all those years back. In fact they were very humble to recieve such an honour.

Here’s the full list of winners:

Most Anticipated Game of 2015:


2015 Most Anticpated Game: The Witcher 3

Best Online Experience:


Best Online Experience 2014: Destiny

Best Sports / Racing Game:


Best Sports / Racing Game 2014: Mario Kart 8

Best Family Game:


Best Family Game 2014: Mario Kart 8

Best Fighting Game:


Best Fighting Game 2014: Super Smash Bros WiiU

Best Role Playing Game:

dragon age

Best Role Playing Game 2014: Dragon Age Inquisition

Best Action / Adventure Game:


Best Action / Adventure Game 2014: Shadow of Mordor

Best Shooter:


Best Shooter 2014: Far Cry 4

Best Remaster:


Best Remaster 2014: Grand Theft Auto 5

Game For Change:


Game for Change Award: Valiant Hearts The Great War

Best Perforamce In a Game:


Best Performance In Game: Trey Parker in South Park Stick of Truth for Various voices

Best Score / Soundtrack 2014:


Best Score / Soundtrack 2014: Destiny

Best Narrative 2014:


Best Narrative 2014: Valiant Hearts The Great War

Best Mobile / Handheld Game:


Best Mobile / Handheld Game 2014: Hearthstone

Best Indie Game 2014:


Best Indie Game 2014: ShovelKnight

Industry Icon Award:


Industry Icon Award: Ken & Roberta Williams – Sierra Online Games

Developer of the Year 2014:


Developer of the Year 2014: Nintendo

Game of the Year 2014:


Game of the Year 2014: Dragon Age Inquisition

And that’s the awards winners. 3 hours was a bit much considering alot of the above wasn’t handed out at the show. But still not a bad debut awards show.

Special moments being the Industry Icon Award and the Indie game of the year. The recipients looked overwhelmed and humble. Great to see.

– Murr



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