One To Watch – Rebel Galaxy

We all know about the big hitters in world of video games, but sometimes there are some gems that can go unnoticed to some. We are going to start a new series of features highlighting ‘Ones to watch’, where hopefully we will bring the attention of some potentially lesser known games to your eyeballs!

So to kick things off, we have:-

One To Watch


Double Damage Games


Xbox One, PS4, Windows, Mac

Release Date:

2015 (TBA)




You’ve played space games before… You chased the reticle, fired your lasers, launched a missile or two. Just a tiny ship amid the chaos of the battlefield. Not anymore.

Now with Rebel Galaxy, you’re in control of an enormous destroyer, bristling with weaponry, firing massive broadside volleys, burning holes in cruisers, and bringing down fighters by the score. Or you will be if you can just earn a few extra credits.

Maybe the militia won’t bother to scan your hold.

The universe isn’t empty – it’s filled with a cast of weird, untrustworthy, endearing, or downright hostile characters.

In Rebel Galaxy you will interact with other ship captains, some hostile, some desperate for your help. You’ll meet shady characters in even shadier station bars. You’ll even have to bargain with inscrutable tentacle-faced alien freaks.

If you’re silver-tongued, you might make a few friends, or at least temporary allies.

Or you could make ‘em beg. Your call.





Personally I think it sounds like it could be a great game, its got a good concept, and it looks really nice so far. I don’t know what it is but I love a game set in space, there is just something about it that instantly makes it cool.

I also like the fact that it looks approachable and accessible. Sometimes flying games, or sim type games similar to this can be a little daunting, and can often need a flight stick to get the best out of the game, but I don’t get that impression from this.

If you want to see more of the game, then it will be making an appearance at this years PAX South on 23rd-25th January, where some new gameplay will be shown.

Full info on the website here.

– Will

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