Pokkén Tournament New Information


New Pokken Tournament information was shown today from Famitsu via NicoNico streaming. It wasn’t just Pokken shown, there were some more games and some rather Japanese antics on the stream (man in red bra hitting women on the butt with a paddle??) Bu eventually the Pokken News began to stream.

So far we knew of 2 Pokemon to feature into the game Machamp and Lucario which we covered in the announcement post, But we got a few new character reveals and info on the arcade cabinet and controller for it.

Additional Pokemon that were added to the roster were Suicune, Gardevoir and unsurprisingly Pikachu.


Pikachu’s inclusion isn’t that shocking….pun intended


Apparently the Pokemon will also be assisted in battle by ‘Assist Pokemon’ who have so far been confirmed to include Snivy, Lapras, Fennekin and Emolga.


Support or Assist Pokemon


The controller for the arcade cabinet looks to be one of the most uncomfortable things imaginable. It’s also still under development, so likely to change in future.


Odd control design for the cabinet




Looks like enough slots for 14 Pokemon to choose from and ? referring as Random choice button




Images from Neogaf user Madridista http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=972086&page=18

Will post more as it breaks.

UPDATE – More images:


– Murr


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