WWE Royal Rumble 2015 Results


A new year, A new start, A new time for WWE? 2015’s first pay per view of the year was the annual Royal Rumble which is seen as the start of a new season for the WWE Superstars. A new batch to be pushed or buried. So how’s the new season going to shape up? Well, judging by this card it’ll be the year of tag team matches. Here’s the results to give you an idea…

Pre Show

Tag Team Match – Cesaro & Tyson Kidd Vs A New Day

One WWE Superstar many fans want to see in the spot light is Cesaro, Unfortunately the Royal Rumble wasn’t to be the re-kickstart of his career. He opened up the PPV with Tyson Kidd in a pretty energetic tag team match. It got the crowd going early, but this Philadelphia were rumoured to be a rowdy one tonight. A nice spot where Cesaro did his king of swing with Tyson finishing the move off with a kick to Kofi. Nothing overly exciting, A European uppercut from Cesaro out of the ring to Kofi with Kidd following it up with a twisting suplex gave Cesaro and Kidd the win over A New Day.

Main Show

Tag Team Match – The New Age Outlaws vs The Ascension

Following on from the pre-show match, the crowd were quite hyped for this one as legendary tag team The New Age Outlaws were on next. Their music hit and Road Dogg recited his usual famous entrance which the crowd said in time with him word for word. A 51 year old Billy Gunn still looking in very good shape. The Ascension are either going to go one of two ways, Become the next dominant tag team in the WWE, or jobbing to the Uso’s PPV after PPV. Many people speculating the latter, and after their burial at Raw by New Age Outlaws, nWo and The APA, If WWE want to make Ascension big they’d need the win over the Outlaws to get some momentum. The match itself over within 5 minutes, It was a squash match with Outlaws going over without a real fight. Road Dogg taking the majority of the beating, once the tag made to Gunn, he came in all guns blazing, hit a few moves, but then felt the wrath of Ascension’s double finishing move. It’s nice to see old favourites come back to WWE, but surely not for anything more than a promo next time.

WWE Tag Team Championship – The Uso’s vs The Miz & Damien Mizdow

2015 and The Uso’s defend their WWE Tag Team Championship. I think we can expect that to be the case for most of 2015 as WWE’s tag team division seems to be disappearing at an alarming rate, and would potentially lose more teams at the Rumble later on in the night. I think everyone is expecting Miz and Mizdow to go their separate ways soon enough, so I think we all knew the result of this one. The match was pretty entertaining with some standard high flying moves from the Uso’s and some great work by Mizdow continuing his stunt double gimmick.

Tag Team Match – The Bella Twins vs Paige & Natalya

Yes you’re reading that correctly another tag match, the 4th of the night if you include the preshow. So yeah, this is as it says a diva’s tag team match. The Bella’s looked pretty legit, Natalya’s fake tan rubbed off onto the ring badly, Paige was her normal self shouting at the crowd, shouting at the Bella’s and continuing with her “Is she a lesbian?” moves. Short match which didn’t really do much to emphasize the Diva’s division, but the Bella’s did look impressive.

Triple Threat Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship – John Cena vs Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar

WOW, this match was awesome. It started off with Rollins running out the ring immediately leaving Cena to take a beating from Brock. From then this match was none stop action. Brock Lesnar showing shades of his SummerSlam performance delivering suplex after suplex to Cena and Rollins. The amusing thing here that Brock is getting the crowd share of cheers. Cena on the other hand couldn’t get a break with boo’s all the time. The action goes outside and Cena spears Lesnar through the crowd barricade and it looked awesome, from there Lesnar is laid onto the Spanish announcer table which he originally set up. Rollins then delivers and incredible elbow drop from the ring turnbuckle which apparently breaks Lesnar’s ribs. He’s out of the mach for a long ass time from here. This leaves Cena and Rollins to get it on. Rollins security team interfere but Super Cena delivers and AA to them both at the same time. Rollins hit’s a corkscrew from the top rope on Cena, he’s about to curbstomp him but Lesnar returns and suplexes the shit out of Rollins. This match only goes to prove that Cena’s AA is a terrible finisher as Brock Lesnar receives 3 in a row only to stand up after each and kick out of the 3rd when Cena tries to pin. Rollins also successfully kicks out from it. The match finally ends with Lesnar delivering a perfect F5 after catching Rollins who jumps from the top turnbuckle. Brock Lesnar is going to Wrestlemania as champion and I’m not even mad. That was an awesome match and showcased that Lesnar really need’s to wrestle more during his stint as he’s still got it. It’ll be a huge loss to the WWE when he heads back to the UFC as he’s planning to. It also demonstrated that Rollins a legit title contender. He pulled off some amazing spots and did himself very well in this match.

The 30 Man Royal Rumble Match – Roman Reigns

So the first wrestlers into the ring are The Miz and R-Truth. Number 3 is a surprise return for Bubba Ray Dudley. The crowd are hype. Bubba and Truth for a moment become the Dudley Boys as R-Truth does the top rope headbutt to The Miz and then they 3D him. Bubba Ray knocks both Miz and Truth out making sure his appearance isn’t just a wasted slot in the rumble like some in the past.

Bray Wyatt knocked out Bubba and then went onto remove Sin Cara, Zak Ryder and a returning Boogey Man. There was an awesome scene where Luke Harper, Bray’s ex stable mate is in the ring with Bray. Next man in is Curtis Axle, but he is attacked by another ex Wyatt family member in Rowan, who runs to the ring. For a minute there is a distinct possibility that the Wyatt family will come back together, but Rowan and Harper look at Bray and all 3 start attacking each other. Another surprise entrant to the Royal Rumble came in Diamond Dallas Page, He looked pretty gassed after a short while but he did deliver some Diamond Cutters that got some good crowd reaction. Unfortunately he was out pretty quickly.

Daniel Bryan arrives in at number 10, and managed to pick up one elimination on Tyson Kidd. But it wasn’t to be as Bryan was eliminated by the impressive Bray Wyatt who stuck around right till the shit started to go off near the end of the rumble. The Shit I hear you ask? well this is how it goes.

With Bryan eliminated the crowd are already displaying their displeasure. Roman Reigns is being boo’d everyone in the Rumble remaining is being boo’d including the immensely impressive Rusev. Kane arrives at number 24 followed by Ambrose who got a massive pop. To follow Ambrose was Titus O’Neill, Bad News Barrett, Cesaro, BigShow and Ziggler at number 30.

So by this point you’ve got a ring full of WWE stars the crowd are quite over with in Ambrose, BNB, Cesaro, Ziggler, Bray and Rusev. And of course Kane and Big Show are you’re authority bad guys and Reigns who can’t catch a break. From here it get’s sour. BNB unfortunately goes out to Ziggler, as does Cesaro. But the massive crowd favorites are still in. Rusev rolled under the ropes and is hiding, catching his breath out side the ring.

Kane and BigShow work together and in the space of 1 minute eliminate Bray and Ziggler, it’s a sad moment and the crowd are very very unforgiving now. Reigns and Ambrose team up but It’s not enough and Kane and Show eliminate Ambrose. This is terrible the crowd are furious. Show and Kane have a dispute and Reigns eliminates them both. Reigns has won… or has he? The crowd chanting “We want Rusev”. He reappears to a massive crowd pop which is so strange. The crowd are booing Reigns who 12 month’s ago they were massively behind and wanting to win. Reigns makes light work of Rusev and knocks him over the top to officially win. Show and Kane then re-enter to beat up on Reigns.

“IF YOU SMELLLLLLLL…WHAT THE ROCK, IS COOKING!”…. and the great one appears to the aid of Reigns. The crowd are still booing. It’s a horrible site. The Rock doesn’t know what’s going on exactly. He’s being boo’d as he raises Reigns arm aloft. Incredible scenes as the Roman Empire begins to a smarky crowd. The new chosen one hasn’t gone down as well as predicted. The final chants you hear from the crowd echo…. “This Is Bullshit…. This Is Bullshit…”


You can see Roman’s face change when the boo’s don’t stop, Rock’s look of confusion as to “Me Boo’d?”


I feel sorry for Reigns, he’s gone from hero to villain all the while being sat in a hospital bed recovering from an injury. He’s ended up featuring in a Royal Rumble somehow worse than last years with ‘Bluetista’.

And that’s your 2015 Royal Rumble. It ends in a similar way to last year as your winner being boo’d off the camera but this time it’s all the worse as a WWE Legend, A WWE Icon is boo’d too.

– Murr


2 thoughts on “WWE Royal Rumble 2015 Results

    • It sure was something to see. The crowd were generally excited and cheering Rusev who’s been billed as anti-America / Pro-Russia for the past 12 months. When it was just Rusev and Reigns left they actually cheered Rusev for the win.

      It’s such a turn around from 12 months ago when the crowd were cheering for Reigns and wanting him to win. And It’s not his fault at all. He’s just unfortunately the victim of Vince choosing his next big thing. And also making 90% of the fans favourites such as Bryan, Ambrose, Bray Wyatt and Dolph Ziggler look useless at the hands of Kane and BigShow who should not be relevant in any storylines in 2015. It still makes me mad thinking it’s 2015 and those 2 were a major factor in the Royal Rumble… Will take a while for this one to die down.

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