Geekly Review #68

Another weekend bites the dust. Seriously they go far to quick for my liking, but it means we can start off the week with another Geekly Review.

It’ll just be me this morning as Will is enjoying a 4 day weekend taking a break from work.

Well after a strong start to the year and completing a game a week, I’ve come to screeching halt and still have yet to complete anything since Thief. Partly because my PSN expired, and also I can’t afford any new games yet. I’ll try to get myself more determined to complete Killzone. I have however been watching a lot of films. And in the week since our last Geekly Review have notched up 6 more films to the list. During the week I watched A million ways to die in the West, Horrible bosses 2 & Edge of tomorrow. Of the 3 Edge of tomorrow was the more entertaining film. Really enjoyed it. But I did also find A million ways to die very funny and especially enjoyed cameos from other films.

As for Friday night, well the 2 shows I mentioned last week Agent Carter and Man Seeking Woman, their latest episodes had aired in America, So I caught up with that. Unfortunately only 2 more episodes of Agent Carter left for the season. But it certainly left us on a hanger for next weeks episode. As for Man Seeking Woman, well the latest episode Josh gets an insanely attractive girl to like him. Josh becomes paranoid as men are looking at her and becomes rather distrustful of her. When she invites her friend from Japan over Tanaka, that’s when things get weird as Tanaka is a penis shaped octopus monster that has penises for tentacles… yes. It’s another hilarious episode. And finally I re-watched WWE NXT Takeover: Rival, and forced my wife to watch the incredible Finn Balor match, the Divas match and the awesome yet brutal main event which resulted in a KO.


NXT & Tanaka…A Penis Monster


Saturday was Pink Milk Day aka Valentines Day. We had a while back decided to eat at an all you can eat called ZaZa Bazaar. Our table was booked for 2, but we got to town at just gone 12 and had a nice wonder around Bristol scoping out places to eat and drink at a future date. As most husband and wife’s would do on Valentines day, I left her to watch TV downstairs and watched some Lucha Underground and caught up on WWE Smackdown. From then I watched The Interview which I can’t get what all the fuss was about in terms of pissing off Korea. It’s no worse than Team America or South Park the movie in terms of making dictators looks bad. In fact this made Kim Un look pretty fun although he was honey dicking.

Sunday wasn’t as lazy as normal as we neglected house work Saturday, So Sunday was tidying the place up. Once that was finished I watched 2 more films in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For and Guardians of The Galaxy. Well there isn’t much more to say on Guardians. It is incredible and I wouldn’t be the only person to suggest it’s possibly the best Marvel Studio’s film to date. As for Sin City. It took a while to interest me, and it wasn’t too bad. Just not anywhere as good as the original. Also Lady Gaga’s role was about 4 lines. This confused me as there was a pretty big song and dance about her inclusion in the film. But there you. To finish the night I re-installed Command and Conquer generals and did a nice hefty 7 vs me skirmish. It lasted a few hours but I emerged victorious eliminating the final GLA army with 7 nukes and a 16 MIG airstrike finishing anything that remained.


– Murr


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