Tom Clancy’s The Division – New Info

Ahead of the Games Developers Conference starting next week, a video courtesy of Open World Games has popped up discussing a lot of new details about The Division.

In the 16 minute video, we get details on map size, new information on the PVP game mode ‘Dark Zone’, crafting, customisation, weapons, different types of loot and loot rarity. It all sounds pretty amazing.

If you don’t fancy watching the video here is a quick run through of what was discussed.

Information has been delivered by Alpha testers.

  • Dark Zones
    • Enter Seamlessly through decontamination chamber
    • Player count 50-100 players in a dark zone.
    • Wanted level style meters in Dark Zone. More kills more wanted you become.
    • Band together and create teams
    • Dynamic missions with NPC’s
    • Rare loot, which is contaminated, must be decontaminated before use.
    • Back packs, 2 sections – Normal items / Contaminated – Rare items have high stat values
  • Game world changing in real time. New areas opening and closing up as you play.
  • Large amounts of destruction, cars, buildings and more.
  • Advanced AI, group leaders that give NPC teams morale boosts. Take them out to wear down teams. Aggressive AI and intelligent, will flank and work together to formulate attacks.
  • Guns and weapons
    • Weapon system from Ghost Recon Future Solider. ‘Explode’ weapons and view parts
    • Currently Work in Progress
  • Map Size
    • As large or larger than GTA V
    • Alpha stage is a smaller area, about the size of Downtown Los Santos currently.
  • Crafting/Customisation
    • In Alpha – craft scopes, barrels, suppressors
    • Items have grading levels
    • Craft hats, gloves and other clothing
    • Crafted item unique to you
  • Controls
    • Some of the best 3rd person controls in gaming
    • Cover system works really well
  • How is it running
    • Currently running very well
    • Netcode appears solid
    • Players that did get disconnected were almost immediately re-joined to their party
    • Frame rate looks solid
    • Still has some glitches (but its alpha so to be expected)
  • Release date
    • Confident of holiday 2015!

The video contains a lot more than just this, and it also shows off little bits of new gameplay too.

At the moment none of this has been officially confirmed by Ubisoft, but it seems like most of it is pretty spot on. I’m sure we will be seeing a lot more about it at next weeks GDC, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled from 2nd March. But if you miss anything don’t worry, we will keep you up to date!


– Will


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