Geekly Review #70

This weekend was the least geeky one for me in a long time. Friday was payday, and payday usually means going out and having some drinks, so that’s what we did.

I played a little bit of DayZ on Saturday and Sunday, but it was only for an hour or so, and nothing really happened which was a shame… The only other game I played was Destiny, and again it was only for an hour or so. That was my extent of playing games this weekend. I don’t know what it was, but I just didn’t really feel like playing much, that or I couldn’t really decide on what I wanted to play.

I did pick up Volume 2 of Black Science – Welcome, nowhere and managed to read that. Let me quickly bring you up to speed on what Black Science is about. There will be a few minor spoilers so be warned! Ready? Right. Grant McKay is an Anarchist Scientist and creates a device – The Pillar, that basically allows you to travel to parallel worlds. The problem is, is that this means they’re open to any imaginable danger ever – literally! The Pillar also gets sabotaged when they’re first using it, this means that it starts to ‘jump’ between worlds randomly, sending the team all over the place, and eventually separating some of them, or some of them getting killed. It’s pretty dangerous, crazy stuff.


To me, this kind of scene is pretty standard now.

Welcome, nowhere picks up with Grants kids and a couple of others from the team separated from Grant, who is presumed dead. They’re captured by some weird looking fish/dinosaur things (remember, any imaginable thing can happen) and are on the verge of being sacrificed. Then they’re rescued by Kadir, also presumed dead, and was someone who wanted Grants experiment to fail, and his reason for that become clearer throughout the book.

Quite frankly, it gets even more bizarre in this volume and if I wrote down what happened I’m sure you’d be uber confused. I’m having trouble trying to explain it without sounding like I’ve lost the plot. But essentially, you get to see multiple universes start to converge and cross over as different people/aliens try to gain control of the Pillar as they believe it to be some kind of super weapon that will allow them to control the universe. All the while Grant (from various parallel worlds) is just trying to save his family. Sounds mental right? It is, but it’s also really good – once you get your head around the whole anything is possible, and there are loads of worlds etc…

The plot moves at a pretty breakneck speed and it can be hard to keep up with, especially if you leave it a while between issues. But now that things are starting to fall in to place a little more, it became really engrossing, only for it to end. Typical.

I did have one minor achievement though, and that was getting Meg to play Tomb Raider on PC. She’s always said that she used to love playing the original Tomb Raider games back when she was younger, so ages ago I bought the entire collection on steam, about 7 games for around £7 – it was in one of the sales. But she never played them. But this week I installed the latest Tomb Raider and let her know it was ready for whenever she wanted to play it. Well on Sunday, as I went out to do the food shopping, I said “Why don’t you play Tomb Raider” to my surprise she said “Ok”. Now, I know that Meg can get pretty vocal when playing games, and I kind of wished that I’d set it up to record as I think it could’ve been pretty funny, so next time I might do just that. But Shhh, don’t tell her.

I also noticed that all four series of Game of Thrones have been added to Now TV, so before we get to season 5 in April, I’m going to try and go through all of them again. We watched the first episode Sunday night, and you kind of forget how ‘normal’ things were at the beginning. Only 39 hours left!

– Will

This weekend GSRR’s number one fan’s fiancee had her hen do, So this resulted in a weekend of beer and games combined between his place and mine.

Friday we started things off at 7pm over his place, I arrived with pizza, beer, junk food and 2012 Olympics for PS3. Now we put that on expecting it to last a few events and switch to NBA2k15, but what actually happened was a ridiculously long marathon on 2012 Olympics that stretched on till 4am. Quite remarkable really. Of course beer was consumed. 35 cans between us. Not too shabby.

Saturday feeling not too bad, I headed home, cleared the house up a bit, got freshened up and prepared my living room for night 2. The guys arrived earlier this time, and we started the day off with a full english breakfast with thatchers to accompany it. We officially started gaming just after midday and started our beers again. We opted for 2K15 from the start this time continuing on with our ‘MyLeague’ Campaign that we’ve been working on for the past few months. We started with 10 games remaining in regular season. Another triumphant gaming marathon saw us polish another 35 cans, 2 bottles of honey Jim Bean and 2 boxes of chicken. To say we were drunk would be an understatement. We played up till 4am and made it to the playoffs. Our first play off series was against the Miami Heat. The series went all 7 games. Because we were pretty drunk the games were especially tense and we were reacting as if we were watching a real sporting event. It was great fun.


The sporting event of the year… when you’re smashed.

Sunday was not great, Sunday morning was when you remember “Shit we drank 35 cans 2 nights in a row and 2 bottles of Jim Bean”. Feeling haggard. It was my dads birthday party Sunday so I had to put on a brave face and see the family. I didn’t partake in the traditional birthday drinks this time. And to think, I’m off on a stag do next weekend, I just hope it’s not as heavy as this weekend was.

– Murr



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