UPDATED: Nintendo Going Mobile: Smartphone Deal with DeNA, New Hardware confirmed

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  1. Kevin says:

    I wonder about the NX. Remember how much they’ve said in the past year they’re working on something related to the health industry? Maybe the NX is related to that.

    A brand new Zelda on mobile might be something cool. But I doubt we’ll get ‘main’ entries into series. It’ll be simpler experiences for sure.

    1. Murr_GSRR says:

      I’m just happy that Iwata actually mentioned they are working on further platforms as I imagine the news of Nintendo on mobile would have a lot of people worried (myself included until the NX confirmation)

      As for the mobile games, for a Zelda title, something akin to 4 Swords would be pretty good. As you say not main entry title. Glad to hear they won’t port existing games to smartphone, but also a little worried how much them developing for mobiles will impact their AAA studios like EAD. Just hope they have a separate mobile development division.

      1. Kevin says:

        It’s highly likely that’ll be the case. You’ll probably soon see news of Nintendo opening new departments or creating/annexing another 1st party studio to work on those.

        Yes, the no-mobile-rehash of main titles is possibly the best bit of it.

        The NX, I don’t want to even imagine. A cynical part of me actually thought: “They released the WiiU, which was clearly inferior to the unreleased PS4 and XBone, just to see what they would do. Now they’re releasing the one to trump them all!!”
        But I don’t think Nintendo’s that evil 😛

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