Geekly Review #73

Here we are again, Monday, which can only mean one thing. Geekly Review time!

I had Friday penned in to play some DayZ as it had been a little while since I had. So that’s what I did. I continued on with the diaries series, so you can expect episode 2 to drop later this week, but as a little tease I will say that I went to the Prison Island – a well known area for getting killed, and things got pretty tense.

Before I got to playing DayZ I spent a little bit of time getting to grips with Cities: Skylines which I had bought earlier in the week as it was pretty cheap.

I’m usually a pretty big fan of city building games, and when all the reviews were starting to come out for Cities, it was looking like it was everything SimCity should’ve been. In essence it’s pretty similar to SimCity, you build up your city zoning areas with housing, commercial and industrial, and over time you unlock new and better buildings to help your city expand. The thing that Cities: Skylines does differently, it that it got rid of all the crap bits of SimCity. No always online, cities 9 times the size of SimCity, it just seems to be better in almost every way.


I can only dream of creating something like this.

I’d been following the sub reddit for a while to check out how things looked, and with every post that I read I wanted the game even  more. Some of the creations people have managed are pretty amazing.

I’m way off of being amazing though, right now I’m just chucking in roads left and right. My on and off ramps to the highways are something I’d imagine would show up in perfectionists nightmares. My city is a bodge job, but it’s growing and getting better as I learn.

What I love about games like this is that they’re so easy to pick up, and are really relaxing to just play casually for a few hours. I racked up about 5 hours of play over the weekend, and my city just hit 7,000 in population, so not really much of a city yet.

I also played a bit of competitive counter strike. Do you know what? I don’t think I really like it. I played with a few friends, who are a few ranks above me, and therefore we get put in games with better opponents. They know I’m a bit crap and accept it, but my other random team mates don’t, and after a couple of losing rounds, the randoms start to give me stick. It just makes me not enjoy the game, and not want to play it. Ok, it could be argued that I shouldn’t have really been playing in a team of higher rank players, but I was. If this random guy had maybe offered me some advice instead of just “Yellow what the hell are you doing?” then I might have actually improved. Instead all he proceeded to do was make me get annoyed and not want to play, which meant in the end I didn’t really care if we won or lost. I think what makes it worse is that once they’re dead they can watch your screen, and judge your every move.

This is something I’ve also experienced in Destiny raids. But I’m actually good at Destiny and haven’t had people go on at me directly, but it just brings the team down. Just don’t be a dick!

On Saturday I spent most of the day with my family as they were visiting. But I also watched the final game of the Six Nations, and what an epic end to the tournament it was. England were pretty unlucky not to win it in the end, but it was an extremely valiant effort from them.

Sunday afternoon I spent a little more time playing Ori and the Blind Forest. I’ve been taking my time with it a little bit because I’d quite like to get 100% completion. So far I’ve got 100% on two areas, and I’m pretty close to completing two others. And guess what, I still absolutely love the game.

– Will

My weekend kicked off in a rather annoying way. Unfortunately there was an accident on the motorway right by my work offices, So traffic build up was ridiculous. 1 and a half hours after leaving work I finally got home. So I was a little sour. So I said to my wife lets just go out and get food and have some drinks. So we did that. Once back from our meal as we’re approaching the release date of Furious 7, I mentioned to my wife about doing a Fast and Furious marathon as the series is both of our favourite film franchises. So We watched the first one with fresh faced Brian O’Conner and Dom Torreto. Such a quotable film.

Saturday we decided to do some spring cleaning, And due to the nice weather I also tidied up the front garden. With the hard work out of the way I then watched 2 of the rugby matches that were on in the Six Nations. As Will said above the England vs France game was terrific viewing. All the games and results that day were pretty special, but the France result was very encouraging stuff despite just missing out on winning the tournament by 7 points. I then watched a lot more Death Note which I’m now addicted to. Loving the show. I’d heard that the casket match in Lucha Underground last week was definitely worth a watch, So I put that on and thoroughly enjoyed it. After that I watched the recently released and rather popular ‘Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling’. WOW absolutely incredible little film. Made me laugh alot, but also spoke so much truth. Finally to see the night out I watched WWE Wrestlemania X8 in the spirit of Wrestlemania 31 being next weekend.


Wrestling fan or not, you should all watch this.

Sunday I was up at the crack of dawn to catch a coach to London to see Bristol City in the Johnstones Paint Trophy final at Wembley. What a great day out that was with City winning the match 2-0. It was a good day all round for me as Manchester United beat Liverpool 2-1 too, So very happy with results that day.


A great outing

Not the geekiest weekend really unfortunately aside from Death Note and WWE, But they can’t all be can they?

– Murr

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