Last week a mysterious teaser for Halo 5 popped up on the interwebs simply titled HUNTtheTRUTH. The post had a count down timer for something to be revealed on Sunday night. Well Sunday has passed now, and the tease has been revealed.

HUNTtheTRUTH tells the story of journalist and war photographer Benjamin Giraud who has been hired to do an in-depth profile of Master Chief.

I’m a journalist and war photographer. I’ve seen the absolute worst of humanity and I’ve also seen the best. A few months ago, I was hired to do an in-depth profile on the Chief. Join me as I hunt the truth.

For decades, I’ve served the galaxy as a journalist and war photographer. I’ve covered human-interest stories on Earth and in the Inner and Outer Colonies. I’ve also contracted for the government, covering military affairs. I was at New Mombasa when the Master Chief first appeared to combat the Covenant attack.

Each week will see a new episode released. With episode 00 released last night.

The audio log talks about how Benjamin first saw Master Chief, and his experience since being hired to do his story.

There is also a short video on the site title Bullet: Look for the details, showing a bullet being fired in to Master Chiefs helmet. You can scroll through the video slowly to reveal a series of words inscribed on the bullet. Son. Abductee. Victim. Orphan. Recruit. Soldier. Warrior. Ally. Hero. Savior. Traitor. All of this is hinting at the Master Chiefs life in terms of events.

It’s pretty interesting stuff, and I will continue to listen to the audio logs each week to see where it all goes.

So the hype beings.

– Will

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