DayZ Diaries: S2 Ep2 – The Prison

After leaving Svet thoroughly spooked out, I started to make my way West. I thought I’d stop off at the North East airfield to see if there was anything good lying in wait for me.

I approached from the hills to the North West of the airstrip and scanned around to see if I could see any movement, it looked all quiet. I made my way in to the first set of buildings and found myself the components to make an improvised silencer for my sporter – one water bottle and a roll of duct tape.

I made my way across the run way towards the main airfield buildings. I found more food supplies and a CAN OPENER! Yes, and actual can opener. I haven’t seen one of these for months. I started to wonder if they even existed anymore. I finished up at the airfield and headed South to check out a few more nearby buildings, when I got there I couldn’t actually believe my eyes. Another can opener, and this time it was in pristine condition. Two in the space of about 10 minutes. What!? Quite a rare feat indeed.

After my jubilation had died down, I re-fuelled myself and stored both my can openers safely away in hopes that I may be able to bestow a truly wonderful gift upon someone.

I wasn’t far from Black Mountain so decided to head there, and get a nice view of my surroundings and to make a decision on where to go next. I’m not really sure what I was expecting to be there, but it was a little disappointing, there isn’t really much there at all, apart from a pretty nice view.

I decided that my next course of action was to hunt down a V3S truck, there were a few locations nearby to the West where they could be, so I headed out.

After coming up empty on various locations I was ready to just accept that I’d have to travel by foot. I tried my final location, a little green house on a hill. As I approached I could see that I was in luck. Sitting patiently waiting for me was the truck I was searching for. I quickly jumped in the driver’s seat, and set off in the direction of Severograd.


My luck was in after all.

V3S trucks are very loud, so if anyone is even remotely nearby they will hear me coming I therefore need to keep the truck moving at a decent speed so I can’t be shot at easily. The trouble is, is they handle like a bike on ice, so I crash a lot. Luckily for me though it seems there aren’t many people around.

I eventually get to the outskirts of Severograd and park my truck amongst some bushes, although it’s still not very well hidden, but it’s the best I can do. I venture in to town from the South hoping to not hear the roar of my trucks engine as I walk away from it and someone steals it.

I didn’t stay long, and decided I wanted to head South towards the coast. I drove down past Gvozdno, and past the DayZ version of Stonehenge. I skirted around Novy Sobor towards Mogilevka thinking I would head to Cherno to see what was happening.


Just taking in some of the local history.

Just as I was leaving Novy some friends (Ross & Kieran) made contact and told me they weren’t far from me, we decided to meet up in Gorka.

After we met up we headed down South through Polana, Shakhovka and Staroye eventually reaching Electro. We stopped for some looting, and were soon ready to head back off again, but we hit a problem, Kieran managed to get run over by the truck. I’m not really sure how, but it happened anyway. Luckily he wasn’t far off when he re-spawned and once he was back with us we were on our way West with the Prison Island being our destination.

Truck Death

Accidents happen.

Eventually we reached Balota, and decided to walk the rest of the way and check for any remaining loot.

I’ve not actually visited the Prison Island before, but I knew to get there you had to swim. Which left you very vulnerable to any snipers watching over. We started our journey across the open water hoping not to come under any fire as we were basically sitting ducks. Thankfully we made it across safely, maybe there was no one here? We headed to the West of the Island away from the Prison to regroup.

We pitched a fire to warm up after the swim. As soon as we sat down we came under fire. We scrambled for the nearest building and tried to get eyes on where the shots came from.

Prison Island 2

Moving up.

We decided to push across the bridge one at a time towards the prison. We all made it across safely. As we edged in to the prison compound we could hear more shots, not at us, there was another fire fight going on. We cleared out the first few rooms, no one was around. Then we started to edge up the spiral stairs. Once on the top we could get a good view of our surroundings.

I covered the stairs whilst they checked outside. Kieran spotted a body in the courtyard, an aftermath of the shots we’d heard before? Probably. We decided that it was clear enough for us to push through to the east side of the compound.

Just as we were starting to move back down another shot landed nearby, but we didn’t hear where it came from. Did it come from the main land? It’s a long shot,  but I’ve known people to make them. We didn’t hang around to find out, and made our way back down the spiral stairs.

Kieran edged along the upper walkway through the courtyard, whilst me and Ross provided cover. The door to the other building was locked. Kieran made a start on unlocking it. Once he was in we moved across to join him.

We quickly found another body at the entrance of a corridor, and another one at the other end of the corridor. Clearly a fairly large fire fight had been going on, and it was possible there were still survivors lying in wait.

I covered the stairs and our exit whilst the others worked on clearing some of the cells. It wasn’t long until we discovered that the assailants were still in attendance. Shots rang through the prison cells my heart leapt in to action I rounded the corner but it was too late Ross was dead, lying sprawled in the door way to a cell. “You got wrecked.” was the taunt from the cell, but did he know there was still two of us left?

Kieran moved up to the cell door whilst I aimed my sported at the door. He opened it and I fired shots in to the cell. I didn’t have the best angle so wasn’t sure if I’d hit anything or even seen anyone. The door swung shut. He was still in there very much alive.

The corridors filled with complete silence, no one daring to move, but all the while keeping our weapons aimed. We didn’t know if he was alone. Again Kieran moved in to open the door, but he timed it wrong, as our friend in the cell also decided to make a move, the door opened, and shots flew out and hit Kieran, he was bleeding badly but managed to run to the end of the corridor. He fell unconscious bleeding heavily, he didn’t have long. The door to the cell was still open, so I couldn’t risk running past to patch up my friend. It didn’t matter anyway, moments later he was dead.

Prison Island Death

You get used to seeing death in the Apocalypse

I was now alone, with my back exposed to anyone who wants to walk in the building and not knowing how many people were still around. I needed to escape this carnage.

Could I make it off the Prison Island alive?

– Will

Catch up – Episode 1 – The Ghosts of Svetlojarsk


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