Geekly Review #75


Just me this week as Will is still off sunning away in Malaysia. This weekend was a nice one as it was Easter weekend resulting in 4 days off.

To celebrate Thursday evening through the night was spent drinking with friends at the local pub. We then took off from there to a friends house for more drinks, and apparently stealing chocolates while drunk although I was apparently told I could take them. I remember little of Thursday night.

I’d been anticipating this Friday for some time as Furious 7 was finally released in the cinemas. My wife and I bought our tickets a couple of weeks in advance so had pick of the seats. What can I say about this film? As a massive fan of the franchise I loved it. It served a massive amount of service to the fans with numerous throwbacks to the original film that started it all (Tuna sandwiches, race wars, Hector) as well a nice trip back to Tokyo featuring a scene with Lucas Black (who aged 10 years but they try to play it off as no time had passed to keep the continuity). It was of course completely over the top balls to the wall stupid. But in the best possible way. The finale gave me goosebumps and the obligatory lump in the throat. You could hear a pin drop in the cinema for the finale of the film. It was a perfect ending to the film and the best possible way to carry the franchise on without Paul Walker but in good taste. Brilliant.


On Saturday my copy of Far Cry 4 arrived for PlayStation 4. A little late to the party but I finally have it. I played it for about 45 minutes before heading out over to a friends house for a night of Mario Kart 8. We played it solid for 5 hours completing the time trials for him racing against Nintendo staff ghosts. Unbelievable how fast time goes on that game. Before I knew it my wife was calling me for a lift home from her night out at gone midnight.

Sunday the in laws invited my wife and I over to theirs for a roast with the family. So that was a good way to spend Sunday stuffing ourselves with awesome food. When back we had a very quick tidy up in anticipation of a few friends coming round for some drinks. We played a couple of rounds of ‘Cards against humanity’ which always creates a laugh (For breakfast Vin Diesel ate…. Lance Armstrongs missing testicle). And then we did some 4 player Mario Kart 8. With 6 of us there we took the approach of the 2 lowest positioned players switch out for the 2 that sat out the previous tournament. However as one of the guys with us was the chap who I played Mario Kart with for 5 hours the night before who’s a very good MK8 Player and I’m not too bad myself, we found we were in each round, so to mix it up we changed it so the 2 highest positioned players at the end of each cup dropped out. It was a good fun night with copious amounts of swear words and aggressive shouting at Peach and Donkey Kong.


With the final day of the 4 day weekend upon us already we did the boring food shop first. I then spent the rest of the day up till 7:30pm playing Far Cry 4. So far I’m loving it. 10 missions done, but the majority of my time has been spent hunting to craft new items, liberating outposts and rewiring bell towers. I’m 7 towers cleared and 7 outposts down too. Many fun hunting experiences have been had too. Especially hunting the Rhino’s. You’ve gotta be quite prepared for them. Shall be moving onward’s now to some of the tougher outposts to the North / North East of the area. To see the weekend off my wife and I ordered a take away curry and watched a good old classic comedy in Wedding Crasher’s. Good way to end the weekend off “You motor boating son of a bitch”.


4 days off work, and spent pretty well I feel.

– Murr


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