Microsoft Talks What HoloLens Can Do That VR Cant


Kudo Tsunoda who now spearheads Microsoft’s Kinect area has said in a new interview that augmented reality technology such as HoloLens has the potentioal to do more than virtual reality devices such as Oculus Rift of Prokecy Morpheus. But he has nothing against traditional VR.

“The thing that HoloLens does is allow you to blend your digital world with your real world,” Tsunoda said in the latest issue of Game Informer. “Bringing of those two things together unlocks all kinds of different experiences.”

“None of that stuff is things you could do with VR,” Tsunoda explained. “It’s nothing against VR; I think VR is great tech. But it’s the ‘blending of the worlds’ part about HoloLens that makes it unique. From a gameplay perspective, it’s being able to make your real world environment an integral part of the experience. That’s really different than what you would get from a VR experience.”

Although Tsunoda and Microsoft are clearly enthusiastic about HoloLens, the company has not ruled out doing traditional virtual reality some day, too.

In terms of gaming, outside of a Minecraft tech demo, Microsoft hasn’t announced any games for HoloLens. However, this is an area the company is definitely looking at.


You can read the full interview from the May Issue of Game Informer.

– Murr


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