CS:GO Chroma 2 is here!

As you may have noticed this is the first CS:GO related post here. I’ve only recently started playing, and vowed that as long as I was as Silver I’d refrain from posting anything about it.
I’m currently Silver Elite Master, so I’ve forsaken that vow. But that would mean no post so fuck you.

chroma2The team at Counter Strike Global Offensive have released the Chroma 2 Case, and it contains a lovely collection of skins. In my opinion (and I know a fair few others who would agree) the skins we’ve seen in CS:GO, don’t seem to reflect the talent of some of the artists submitting skins to the Steam Community Workshop. The Chrome 2 case seems to be the beginning of a much needed change.

All the additional info you need can be found at http://csgostash.com/ so I won’t go into much more detail, however do note that as this case has just been released, the prices will fluctuate wildly over the next week or so until they begin to settle at an average and much more reasonable value. I’ll just leave you with these:

m4a1s hyper

mac-10 Neon Rider

5-7 monkey


famas djinn

awp wrm



ump45 grand

deagle bronze

ak47 elite

mp7 armor

negev manofwar

p250 valence

saw origami

I’m sure you’ll agree there are some lovely skins in this addition, in particular the Hyper Beast which was one of favorite workshop additions so it’s great to see these making it into the game.



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