Geekly Review #77

Hello there! Yes, I’m back after my holiday hiatus, and yes I had a lovely time thank you for asking. I’m also on my own this week, Murr is still about, but he wasn’t really being much of geek this weekend.

Well, on to the round up!

I’ve always known that I’ve been pretty rubbish at completing games. I don’t know what it is, I just get distracted I guess. I’m currently sitting on eight single player campaigns that I need to complete. Now, four of those are part of the Master Chief Collection, and I have completed them all before, so I guess they kind of don’t count right?

Well, I’ve now told myself that I’m not going to be buying any more XB1 games until I’ve scratched off a few from my back catalogue, that and the fact that my hard drive is full so can’t buy any more right now anyway.

So on Friday night I headed over to my friends house and we started making a dent into the four campaigns of Halo. Naturally we’re going to go in order of them all, and we’re obviously going to be playing them on Legendary. We’re also going to be making sure to collect all the skulls and terminals along the way.

Like I said I’ve already completed all the Halo games, and I’m 99% sure I completed them on Legendary too. But going back to Halo: Combat Evolved I can’t actually believe how different it looks. Sure I knew there would be a difference, but in my mind it was never that big of a difference. In case you aren’t aware, you’re able to switch from the original visuals to the updated visuals with the click of a button, and it’s pretty astounding to see.

Halo- old vs new

Quite the difference, I think you’ll agree.


I don’t remember there ever being so little grass around, there is pretty much none, and all the interiors of the covenant ships, in my mind were bright and colourful, not the grey narrow corridors that I witnessed. Still, I think it looks pretty fantastic now.

We managed to get to the half way point in the game, and called it a night when we got to 343 Guilty Spark. After playing for a good handful of hours straight we didn’t really fancy facing the flood on legendary at that point.

I’ve actually forgotten quite a fair bit of the campaigns of Halo over the years so it’s quite a nice refreshing experience in a lot of ways. I’d forgotten just how long the Assault on the Control room mission went on for. It is a massive level. Sure we died a few times on it, but not that many to really slow down our progress.

Considering I haven’t played a Halo game properly for a good few years I think we did pretty well on legendary. I shall keep you updated on our progress on how we do!

Getting back on to another game I’m yet to complete, I picked up Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag again. I was really enjoying being a pirate in Black Flag a while back, but then the AC curse hit. What curse you ask? I don’t know I’m kind of just making this bit up now, but it’s the curse that all AC games seem to have, repetitive and boring missions – follow this guy, eavesdrop on this conversation – that crap.

If the whole game had been about being a pirate and pillaging other ships and towns, then it would be great fun. But they really need to mix up the assassin side of the game, it’s so dull, and so stupid really.

Like one of the latest missions I was doing was – surprise, surprise, one where I had to follow someone. Now, why are they instantly suspicious of me? I haven’t done anything. Also why when I’m ten feet away from them and they look at me, do I instantly ‘drop off’ their radar if I sit on a bench for example. It makes no sense! It’s a stupid game mechanic that needs to change, and I don’t even think it’s that hard to change either. Here’s what I propose. ¬†Firstly you have to stay completely out of sight, and with all the buildings and bushes around that’s not exactly hard. But, if they do spot you early on, they don’t really think anything of it, because you’re just a random person to them. However, if they then spot you again, they start to think “Hmm, isn’t that the same guy who was just around the corner a minute ago?”, and then each subsequent time they spot you their suspicious-ness goes up until the point where they freak and run away, or they’re on to you and just lead away somewhere else entirely to fool you.

Black Flag

Stupid follow missions.


Anyway, I’m back playing the game, and I’m now at the point where I need to grind to upgrade the Jackdaw to do the next missions, because I guess at the moment it’s not strong enough. I’m hoping to get through the remainder of the game pretty quickly – providing I don’t have to keep side tracking to get upgrades.

I also really wanted to play some GTA this weekend, but guess what. It doesn’t work for me! YAY! What is it with game launches being so botched at the moment? It’s now been three days since I’ve been able to play it and I’m still waiting to hear from Rockstar support about how I can fix the issue.

– Will

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