One To Watch – The Flame in the Flood



The Molasses Flood


PC, Mac, Xbox One

System Requirements:


Release Date:

To be confirmed


From the Art Director of BioShock and a team of veterans of the BioShock, Halo, Guitar Hero and Rock Band series – a pretty impressive line up I think you’ll agree, comes The Flame in the Flood.

A rogue-lite river journey through the backwaters of a forgotten post-societal America. Forage, craft, evade predators.

Travel by foot or take to your raft along a procedurally-generated river as you search for resources to help you survive. Along the way you can craft tools, remedy any afflictions you may have suffered, all whilst trying to evade the vicious wildlife and stay ahead of the inevitable rain and stormy weather. You will also bump in to your fair share of peculiar characters on your journey, who you can trade items with.

Featuring a full length original soundtrack written by Alt-Country singer Chuck Ragan.

Did we mention that you’re also accompanied by a dog!


WeaverDock ScoutCamp Homestead

I’ve only very recently heard about this game and I already love the look of it. The style of it reminds me a little of Broken Age, but if Broken Age was painted with poster paints – I mean this a good thing.

As I’m sure you’re all aware by now, I’m a bit of a sucker for survival games. I just find them a lot more interesting at the moment.

In a genre already so packed with survival games right now, it must be pretty tough to make a game that sticks out. But I feel the The Molasses Flood have managed to do exactly that. I don’t recall seeing another game with a similar play style, and the procedurally-generated worlds look pretty great too.

Unfortunately there isn’t even the hint of a release window at the moment, but you can keep up with the progress of the project on the blog. I know that I will be keeping a close eye on it’s development.

You can already pre-order the game over on their website for $19.99 too.

– Will


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