Geekly Review #81

Here we are again, another Monday morning, and time for a round up of the weeks news and what we’ve been geeking out over.

I need to clear some of my backlog of games. So, that’s kind of what I’m focusing on doing right now. During the week I finally managed to get Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag finished. It really became a bit of a slog for me towards the end, I just wanted it to be done.

Next on my list is Sniper Elite 3. I picked this up a while back when it was £10, and I played through a couple of missions, then the inevitable happened – I got distracted by another game. But I’m back on it and hoping to get through it pretty quickly. I’m currently on mission 5 Siwa Oasis. I believe there are 8 in total, so I don’t have too much left to do.

Even though I’ve only played the game in bits, I do actually really enjoy it. I don’t think slow motion head shots will ever get boring to watch.


I feel like the Sniper Elite games are always a little underrated, sure they don’t really do anything all that ground breaking, but they are really enjoyable and have some fun gameplay mechanics. They are definitely worth a play if you can pick them up cheaply.

As I mentioned last week, I signed up for EA Access again because Fifa 15 had been added to the vault. I’ve started with the Be a Pro mode, as I usually do. I decided to sign for Liverpool.

As usually they wanted to send me out on loan, but I wanted to stay, so rejected all the offers that came my way. Eventually I was given my opportunity to shine in the Premier League. It was a good debut, I managed to score a brace and take the Man of the Match award. But apparently that was enough, I was dropped straight away for the next few games.

Up to January I’d only made about 5 appearances, but I’d managed to score 4 goals and grab an assist during that time.

I wanted to play more regularly though, so in January I took the chance to go out on loan, and moved to Rotherham who were sitting 23rd in the Championship. Maybe I could save them!

Well for that to happen I actually had to play, and after sitting on the sidelines for the first 4 games, I wondered what was going on. Eventually I was given my chance.  1 goals and an assist gave us the win, but again it wasn’t enough, I was dropped. I only made around 10 appearances in total during my time at Rotherham, and it wasn’t enough to save them from relegation.

In my first season I’d only played around 15 games, which was less than I wanted, but I did score 9 goals with 3 assists, which isn’t too bad. I wanted to play a lot more in the next season, but Liverpool didn’t share the same ideas as me, and wanted to me to go on loan again.

This time I went straight away and move to Plymouth Argyle who play in League 1. 4 appearances in to the new season and I have 7 goals with 3 assists. Things are starting to look up for me career.

What is it with Fifa, for as long as I can remember it has suffered with the same issues. Stupid fouls for tackles that would never be a foul, but then not giving fouls for blatant fouls. Players on the same team always colliding when trying to double up on an opposing player. There are loads more of these stupid little things happening in games. I just don’t get how they still exist after all these years.

Also I though the keepers were meant to be the most realistic ever now? This says otherwise.


– Will

As I’ve mentioned in previous weeks I’ve been late to the party with TellTale Games ‘The Walking Dead’. Having beat season 1 and enjoyed it so much, Season 2 was ordered the moment I’d finished 1. I spent Friday evening finishing season 2 off and loved every minute of it despite reading that it wasn’t as strong as season 1. Unfortunately now it’s the waiting game for 2016 till we can pick up with Clem and see what happens in season 3.


Be careful choosing friends…

I’ve been refraining from buying another game despite some tempting offers with DriveClub and Wolfenstein as I wait for Witcher 3 to launch on the 19th. So rather than cave in I went back onto a few older PS4 games that I could snag some trophies from.

I went back to WatchDogs as when looking back at the trophies I’d attained I’d noticed that they were all for the story and not taking advantage of the numerous side quests or collectibles that the game offers. So I addressed that by completing all the weapon crates, QR codes, privacy invasions and hotspots. Going back to WatchDogs after playing GTAV was quite a shock. The vehicle handling was once again difficult to adjust to, and visually the game is some way off the standards set by Rockstar with GTA5. I’ll give that rain and storms look good in Chicago in WatchDogs, but again compared to the weather in GTA5 it’s just not in the same league. I was going to attempt to clear all the gang hideouts on WatchDogs but that really didn’t appeal to me.

I picked up a few more trophies on Far Cry 4 taking on some of the side tasks there such as finding the masks, letters, completing hunter challenges and such. All in all I think I’ve just about got all I can single player out of FC4.

Finally I went back to Los Santos and played a few hours on this collecting the pieces of the murder note. I also just did what I tend to do in GTA5 alot and that’s nothing. Just driving around, or flying around. A game that originally launched in 2013 on the old generation consoles, it’s remaster on PS4 can still keep me entertained for hours despite knowing where most the roads go, or what can be found where. I only hope that Rockstar doesn’t neglect GTA5 now and releases some nice chunky DLC for it, much like they did for GTA4 back on PS3 /Xbox360.


In terms of films, I got through 2 more over the weekend. I watched Get Hard featuring Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart, and a classic in American Pie.

I skipped WWE Payback as my usual wrestling crew were unable to watch it live with me on Sunday night, so we’ll be hooking up this evening to see the show.

– Murr


Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

This week saw the reveal of the next Assassin’s Creed games.You can take a look at all the revealed info here, as well as information on the special editions here.

ARK: Survival Evolved

Another announcement this week was another addition to the survival genre. ARK: Survival Evolved sees you trying to survive on a strange new world with dinosaurs! By the way, you can ride the dinosaurs. Check out more here.

E3 Press Conference Times

The time table for when each of the press conferences will take place at this years E3 have now been confirmed .

wlOxbhuLooks like it will be a late night for us UK people.

 XboxOne Best Selling Console in April

Yup, April’s NPD figures reveal that XboxOne was the best selling console for April which came a surprise. More to the fact at the lack of exclusives released compared to Sony that launched Bloodborne in March. More here



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