Need For Speed Underground 3 to be revealed 21st May?


The official Facebook page of Need for Speed was recently updated to feature this image:



So sure that doesn’t look like much other than an advert to anticipate the return of Need For Speed on 21st May.

Well the plot thickens…

The eagle eyes over at NeoGAF have found EA Staff members and found one individual who wasn’t working at EA during the years of Underground 1 and 2 and wasn’t featured on the credits, but when looking at his recently listed games he’s worked on:



And finally another member over on the GAF boards have tried to enhance the original picture from Facebook to see what exactly is on it in the seemingly empty dark panel. Well they managed to uncover this:



So can it really be happening? Are we going back Underground. I certainly hope so!

Can’t help but feel we’re back in 2005 again with possible NFS Underground, Star Wars Battlefront 3, Tony Hawks 5 and Guitar Hero all set for a return this year.


– Murr

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