E3 2015 Hype – Nintendo


We’re just over one month away from the biggest gaming convention of the year. E3 2015 will open it’s doors on 14th June 2015. We’ll hopefully be treated to a plethora of new games, info on already announced games and a few more surprises to boot.

We’ll be viewing the big press conferences and in anticipation of them all we’re starting to get the hype train rolling with some previews and expectations from those conferences.

Nintendo fans always seem to get perhaps a little too excited for the press conferences. And that’s not just E3 conferences, but any time Nintendo drops a Nintendo Direct announcement on Twitter message boards and forums go into overdrive boarding the hype train. Needless to say I always buy my ticket for the hype train and get sucked into the excitement. This year is no different. But what can we expect from Nintendo this year?


Ticket Purchased

Last year Nintendo put on a completely different and unexpected show with lots of humour present. Even taking digs at themselves in the hilarious robot chicken based skits addressing that fans don’t want to see more Mario titles and asking where’s our Mother / Earthbound collection? Followed by a brilliant Smash Bro’s intro featuring Reggie and Iwata squaring off against each other in an over the top fight.


It’ll be tough to top it in terms of style and entertainment, But I’m sure Nintendo know how to handle it.

2015 see’s the release of some of the titles that Nintendo have been showcasing for numerous conferences and directs and the majority all come out before the conference at E3 (Kirby & The Rainbow Paintbrush & Splatoon) with the exception of Yoshi’s Woolly World.

There are some games that are yet to release so expect to see some more videos and demos of Xenoblade Chronicles X & Yoshi’s Woolly World.

Legend of Zelda was unfortunately delayed till 2016 and Nintendo have said we’re unlikely to see anything of Zelda at E3. Perhaps maybe a mention that it’s still under work. But not likely to see much of it.

StarFox for Wii U was also confirmed last year but with no official reveal. Expect to see the lid taken off here and we get a good first look at Fox and the team with a release date.

It’s no surprise that Mario Kart 8 is awesome, and the DLC for it has generally been universally praised in terms of value. It wouldn’t be too shocking to learn that more DLC is planned for the game which would be an incredibly welcome announcement for me. Perhaps a Metroid themed DLC pack would be introduced with Samus as a playable racer now seeing as Nintendo have opened the door to other franchises crossing into the game with Zelda and Animal Crossing. Slightly speculative and more so something I’d genuinely want to see rather than what I expect to see, but I’d like to see a Metroid themed DLC pack and F Zero themed DLC pack included in the next batch. Making way for Samus and Captain Falcon to come to the series.

There are lots of hopes for an F Zero title for Wii U (or even 3DS at this point) so what better way to get people hyped by adding Captain Falcon to MK8.

And Retro are rumoured to be showcasing their next title with many hoping for them to return to the Metroid franchise. Again what a great way to build hype with throwing Samus and Metroid into MK.

But I guess that’s beyond the realms of possibility, I’ll summarize at the end on realistic happenings and hopes and dreams.

Smash Brothers is out of the gate now and we’ve seen how crazy Amiibo is selling. Expect more Smash Bro’s DLC characters to be revealed and 100 more Amiibo’s that you’ll be prepared to beat up an old lady for to own to be shown.

Fire Emblem IF was shown off at a Direct, expect more information on this to be shown as-well as Shin Megami X Fire Emblem cross over for Wii U that feels like it’s around 5 years old now.

Devils Third will get a highlight reel with a release date confirmed. And Pokken Tournament the Namco developed arcade game will probably also get a confirmation of a WiiU release.

Mario Maker which is another old game will get more show time and a confirmed release date.

Nintendo have recently confirmed that they won’t be discussing anything on their new hardware code named NX, nor will the discuss anything with regards to their recent mobile games partnership with DeNA. Lastly not likely to hear anything about QOL (Quality of Life) which Nintendo has been floating around for a few years.

So in summary for Nintendo at E3 2015:

Realistic Predictions:

  • StarFox Wii U shown and release date confirmed
  • Xenoblade Chronicles, Mario Maker, Devils Third show and dates confirmed
  • Mario Kart 8 More DLC
  • More Amiibo’s
  • Splatoon DLC
  • Smash Bros DLC
  • Retro game revealed – Likely to be Metroid
  • Pokken Tournament confirmed for WiiU

Hopes and Dreams

  • F Zero Wii U revealed
  • Metroid Wii U 100% revealed
  • Animal Crossing Wii U revealed
  • Metroid and F Zero DLC packs for MK8
  • Nintendo FX full reveal

All we can do now is wait


– Murr



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