E3 2015 Hype – Sony

Sony can come into this years E3 full of confidence with the PS4 currently still smashing it globally. There is no new hardware in terms of consoles on the horizon, so this year it should hopefully be all about the games. We have had confirmation that Sony will be showcasing their virtual reality device Project Morpheus with actual games for it, so that’ll be an interesting aspect to the show.

What Sony really need to do this year is reassure gamer’s that there will be games available for them in the winter or holiday months of the year. The big holiday game for them Uncharted 4 was pushed back to 2016. And with Microsoft gearing with Halo 5, Fable, Crackdown, Gears of War all rallying to assault the Christmas period again like they did successfully last year Sony need something.

So first up I think Sony will show us more of Until Dawn, and rather unsurprisingly It’ll be slated for a winter 2015 launch.

But that alone won’t really please the fans, and especially compared to what Microsoft could churn out, so I think they’ll pull a bigger shocker and announce that No Mans Sky is launching 2015 winter.

In terms of announcements Sony have ALOT of studio’s working on yet to be revealed or disclosed projects.

So I think that this will be the point in which we’ll be shown just what the teams are working on, with further reveals later in the year at other shows including their own PSX show at the end of 2015.

Guerrilla Games have been working on some form of robotic dinosaur RPG known as Horizon, I can assume this will be premiered and look nothing short of stunning.

Polyphony Digital famous for the masterful Gran Turismo series will give us a very short but appetizing teaser for Gran Turismo 7. You thought that DriveClub looked good? You haven’t seen anything yet compared to this teaser.

Evolution Studio’s have been hard at work on DriveClub getting it to some form of working, so expect nothing from them other continued support for DriveClub on a monthly basis as the roll out more vehicles to the game.

Santa Monica have been outed as working on a God of War title, however I feel this will not be seen till next year or later either. What we will get is the God of War 3 Remaster for PS4 this winter though.


Guerrilla Games Horizon… Let’s hope we see it in all it’s glory.

With the success of The Last of Us remastered and the God of War 3 remaster hitting PS4, I think we’ll probably get 2 more remasters shown off at e3 with the push for the holiday window. I expect that Beyond 2 Souls and an Uncharted Trilogy collection will be shown to appease fans who were looking forward to Uncharted 4 this winter. HD Remasters do sell well, and despite a lot of complaints a lot of people do still enjoy replaying some of their favourite games again in better graphics. So expect the HD Remaster craze to stick around.

**And as this article was put together Sony Confirmed an Uncharted Collection exists and will launch on October 9th.

I believe that all of these are somewhat realistic predictions for the conference, but let’s throw at least one bit of wishful thinking into the mix.

The Last Guardian, It’s not dead. Team ICO re-reveal it for PS4 and it’s glorious. The game of forever is real, alive and will be out in 2016….YES 2016!


Never Forget…

3rd Party are also going to be playing a massive role with regards to the success of Sony this holiday season. Batman Arkham Knight is going to be releasing after E3, and Sony have a marketing deal with WarnerBros games for this title so expect to see some exclusive DLC or timed DLC revealed for this title.

2 more big hitting titles that Sony have agreed marketing deals with are Star Wars BattleFront 3 and Metal Gear Solid 5. So again expect to see details with potential exclusive DLC or exclusive items shown in the conference. These kind of deals are more important than some think, with WatchDogs and Destiny both being signed into marketing deals with Sony upon their launch, both titles saw PS4 shift monumental hardware units.


Some wise choices…

And it’s been heavily rumoured that Sony have agreed marketing deals with 2 of the biggest annual franchised games in Assassins Creed: Syndicate and Call of Duty: Black Ops. If that is the case this is a huge coup for Sony given COD tends to get Microsoft’s marketing and AC bundle worked wonders for the XboxOne last year.

As for Project Morpheus, I couldn’t even begin to imagine what games are going to be shown here. Given Quantic Dream’s past titles being more so interactive games in terms of the story, perhaps they are one of the studios on board to develop and reveal a Morpheus title.

What we can be certain of, It’s going to be a good show, it simply has to be.

– Murr

One thought on “E3 2015 Hype – Sony

  1. I think that Sony will put a fair amount of emphasis on Destiny. Bungie (who’ve confirmed they will be at E3) have the rumoured ‘Taken King’ expansion coming later this year, and it’s meant to be a big one. I think this will definitely be talked about.

    Surely a Last Guardian reveal will break the internet? Just as much a Shenmue 3 or Half Life 3 reveal.

    I’m looking forward to seeing some more of Star Wars.

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