E3 2015 – Sony Roundup


After Microsoft smashing the E3 door’s down earlier on and throwing down the gauntlet Sony had to deliever. I’m happy to report that they did just that and then some.

The show starts with the now traditional light show with snippets of games coming to the console. No surprises in this reel though.

Shawn Layden comes out and jumps straight into the games. The first game to be revealed is a fucking megaton. The Last Guardian.

Shawn’s gone, Shuhei Yoshida is on stage and beaming from ear to ear to re-reveal TLG to us. He then introduces Hermen Hulst from Guerilla Games. He’s to show off their new franchise. The heavily rumoured Horizon is real. It’s called Horizon – Zero Dawn.

Square-Enix banner flashes up straight after the impressive Horizon video. It can’t be Final Fantasy can it? Well no, but it’s the world debut of the new Hitman game. Beta will be a PS4 exclusive and there will be 6 exclusive contracts to take out on PS4 version. The first of many marketing deals to be revealed.

Asad Qizilbash talks about Hitman then goes onto show us an exclusive console game… Street Fighter 5. We get a look at some new fighters to the roster.

Sean Murray from Hello Games is next up and he’s showing how large No Man’s Sky is. It’s huge to be blunt about it.

Asad is back on stage to introduce another exclusive from Media Molecule. Dreams. We’ll be seeing more of it at the Paris game show soon.

Another new game that will debut on PS4 first is Fire Watch from Campos Santos:

Adam Boyes takes to the stage, do you think the pace will drop? Well it does a little. He starts off showing Destiny: The Taken King.

Next up is Assassins Creed: Syndicate which will feature the ‘dreadful crimes’ missions as exclusive to PS4. Another large marketing deal right there.

But we’ve seen AC, we don’t need to see it again.

Square Enix are back and they announce an exclusive game for PS4. It’s called World of Final Fantasy. I have to admit my heart dropped a bit when they revealed this I expected more.

But I was going to get more as another Square-Enix game was to be shown. Final Fantasy 7 Remake is alive, and coming to PS4 first.

2 bombshells down, they needed to calm the pace down. So a little snippet of Devolver Digital and 4 games that they are working on that will be coming to PS4 first that are Ronin, EITR, Mother Russia Bleeds and Crossing Souls.

Right with the room back in one piece after 2 megatons are dropped, why not have a hattrick of them. A Kickstarter with a very achievable $2m is shown, then a snippet for the game in question.. SHENMUE 3 and if it reaches it’s target it’ll be PS4 and PC exclusive. (Interesting fact at the end of the Sony show at around 3:30am the kickstarter was already at $300k)

Back to 3rd parties and we’re shown an impressive gameplay video of Batman Arkham Knight. Again another marketing coup in that PS4 gamers will get exclusive scarecrow missions.

Andrew House takes to the stage, he discusses Morpheus but not in great details. A few snippets of Morpheus games are shown. EVE: Valkyrie, Godling, The Deep and Rigs. Not much else is said on Morpheus.

He then discusses PSVue and PSMusic but again hardly touching on them. Announcing that PSVue will be able to let you purchase individual channels rather than bundle subscriptions that pleased the crowd.

He then announced that Activision and Sony had entered a new partnership in which will see PS4 as the new home of Call of Duty. Black Ops 3 is then officially debuted. The campaign will be co-op compatibile with up to 4 players.

Finally onto Star Wars. Disney Infinity 3.0 will be releasing a limited edition PS4 Disney Infinty 3.0 set exclusive till after the holidays for PS4 with exclusive Boba Fett Figure.

And then another big one to see the show out, BattleFront to finish the evening. The debut of a Survival mode is shown.

And with that the final thing we see in Uncharted 4 in all it’s glory.

WOW, what a way to respond. The holy trinity of e3 announcments all in one conference, and some excellent marketing pick ups. Over to Nintendo later this evening.

All videos thanks to Sony Youtube apart from Batman from GamesHQ.

– Murr


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