Destiny and the disastrous interview

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  1. roboticmonk3y says:

    I think if the first two DLC packs had landed much sooner, then maybe Bungie would still have the player-base to be that arrogant. I know of a lot of people who have played many many hours of the game and just progressed onto other things. To try and entice those people back in to spending £40 using nothing more than arrogance and dismissive remarks seems like a massive mis-step.
    You break my heart Bungie…

    1. Will_GSRR says:

      Agreed, it just seems like they haven’t planned on how to deliver it and just say things and see what happens…

      1. roboticmonk3y says:

        I genuinely find it mind boggling that they think it’s fine to spend £80 just to get the 3 extra emotes, especially given that there’s not any word over what they actually are. I’m also noticing a bad trend for the price in dollars being the same as the price in pounds.

        It reminds me of how flippant Microsoft got in the lead up to the launch of the Xbone. “We’re doing this, and we don’t care if it’s a problem for you”

        1. Will_GSRR says:

          The price thing has always been an annoyance, but that doesn’t seem likely to chance any time soon.
          I just don’t see how they thought offering the emotes etc… wouldn’t annoy existing players. It’s a rookie move.

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