Geekly Review #92

Summer is usually a quiet time for gaming, people go on holiday, and you don’t see many new games being released. If you get the time its the perfect opportunity to start clearly your backlog or pick up older games you’ve been interested in.

Life is Strange is a game I’ve thought about playing for a while. To be honest I didn’t really know a lot about it, but I was still interested none the less. I picked up Episode One: Chrysalis over the weekend.


Life is Strange sees you playing as photography student Maxine Caulfield, in the 12th grade of the fictional Blackwell Academy in Arcadia Bay, Oregon.

The episode starts with you having some kind of vision or dream of a local lighthouse being destroyed in a huge tornado, you then wake up in the middle of class. Not too soon after you discover you can control time – something I had no idea was part of this game. You then use this time control to rewind instances to help you either learn information and solve puzzles of sorts, or maybe even save lives. I’m not going to go in to detail on what those kinds of things are as it will spoil it, and that’s just no fun.

I haven’t actually finished the first episode yet, but so far I’m very impressed with what I’ve played. The whole setting and feel of the game is great, it has a really nice chilled out soundtrack to accompany the melancholy feeling of Max struggling to settle in, in high school. Plus the visual style of the game is brilliant.

Other than that, I’ve not actually been playing a lot else. I’ve managed to squeeze in some more time on Dirty Bomb mainly because they had a free Merc weekend where you could try out all of the playable Mercs. I was able to get a few games with each of the ones I’d not played with before. But  I don’t really think I had enough time with them as I didn’t feel all that comfortable with any of them. Kira was probably the one that I enjoyed the most, using her orbital laser to take down enemies and targets.

I’m close to getting another 50k credits, so it was the perfect time to have this weekend. As now I feel like I can make a better choice on who I want to purchase next. Right now I’m thinking of going with Nader.

– Will

Well that was quite the awesome weekend for geeking. Friday night my wife was out for her work leaving do. So I was on taxi duty. While looking at my completed game list for 2015, I noticed that they are all PS4. WiiU and 3DS just aren’t getting a look in other than the occasional spot of Mario Kart 8. So rather than purchase any more PS4 games with the latest payslip, I decided to look at my WiiU games and clear some of those, I’ll try to clear some of the Wii games too. When I registered Mario Kart 8, I selected Wind Waker HD as my gift game but had not started it. So Friday night I went into Wind Waker HD. It looked stunning enough back on the Gamecube, but this WiiU version is something else. Memories came flooding back. I ended up playing it from about 7:30pm through to 12:30am when I had to leave to pick up my wife.


Wind Waker HD looking glorious

During that game play session though I also got a text from a friend that WWE Legend “Rowdy” Roddy Piper had passed away aged 61. It all feels too soon as we’re just getting over the passing of Dusty Rhodes. WWE losing 2 icons in such short space of time, childhood is dying in 2015. (3 icons I guess if you consider the Hulk scandal and his removal from WWE altogether now).


“Rowdy” Roddy Piper – 1954 – 2015

Saturday my wife feeling a little delicate from the night before, And me just being lazy opted to do another Total Divas marathon in bed. We got through another 4 episodes before deciding to get up and contemplate getting ready for a wedding reception we were off to on Saturday night.

Sunday I was once again home alone all day, so after a few morning chores I went straight back onto Wind Waker HD making lots of progress. A nice marathon sitting from 1pm to about 11pm. Not too far to go now. Contemplating what next to play on the WiiU. Poor console doesn’t know what’s hit it with these long sessions it’s not been used to.


Master Sword Selfie

– Murr


WWE Legend Passes away

News broke over the weekend of the passing of WWE Legend Rowdy Roddy Piper. During his career he won over 30 titles though out multiple wrestling promotions, but sadly never WWE Champion. He was inducted in to the WWE Hall of Fame in 2005.

Ghost Recon Wildlands

A new trailer for Ghost Recon Wildlands appeared over the weekend. So far this game is looking badass.

Final Fantasy 12 Remake Incoming?

“In sitting in the audience of Distant Worlds in Pittsburgh. Arnie Roth told the audience there is a FF12 remake coming.” Multiple tweets of the news can be found here.

DriveClub sells 2 million units

Quite an impressive feat considering how rough the initial launch was. The confirmation coming from DRIVECLUB director Paul Rustchynsky on twitter.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Pitched

As remakes and remasters are all the rage, with the success of Resident Evil 1 Remake and the news that Zero is being brought to PS4 and Xbox one too, Resident Evil 2 is being pitched as a complete HD Remake.

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