Geekly Review #94


Well it’ll just be myself manning the GSRR fort for 10 days as Will is off in Vegas with his girlfriend celebrating his 30th birthday, what a way to do it!

Unfortunately, this wasn’t an overly geeky weekend for myself. Friday was spent watching Total Divas with my wife, we ended up finishing the shows that are on the WWE Network so now anticipate the next batch of episodes that’ll be released onto the Network.

Saturday I went out for some food with my wife, but once back I was following the D23 news. Lots of nice confirmations and info came up with regards to Pixars next films. I’m also at the point where I’m without a new PS4 game to concentrate on, and with my birthday coming up soon i’m not buying any games in case I happen to get any for my birthday or if I get any money to go towards some new games. So I went back to a game that I got on launch but never completed, Killzone Shadow Fall. I only ended up playing one more level on single player then took some time playing the multi player with bots for a while. Apparently I suck at it.

Release Schedule

A lot to be excited for

Finally onto Sunday and it was another day of going out for food. My wife and I went to Grillstock in Bath with 2 friends of ours. It was our first encounter there but it was absolutely amazing. Will’s a bit of a burger connoisseur and rates Grillstock very highly, and rightfully so, the lock jaw burger was epic. Check out his review of it over at Filthy Grub.


Redwood Farm Carvery & GrillStock Lockjaw Burger

After we had got back from eating what seemed like a whole farms worth of food, I played some Football Manager for a bit while listening to the Manchester City vs Chelsea game, after that it was watching the Lego Movie, and some WWE Network to see the night out.

– Murr

Disney’s D23 Expo

So this weekend was Disney D23 Expo, quite a lot of focus on Star Wars. Check out our summary here.

Star Wars Themed PS4 Revealed

Following on with D23, EA, Sony & Disney are all pretty chummy, so chummy they’re releasing a Star Wars themed PS4 and releasing some classic Star Wars games for PS4 with trophy support.

Win tickets to EGX 2015

Yes that’s right, we’re giving away 2 tickets to EGX 2015 in Birmingham, find out how you could stand a chance to win them HERE.

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