Tearaway Unfolded: Special Edition Unveiled


Looking forward to Media Molecules upcoming Tearaway Unfolded? How’d you like a special edition of it? Well good news, but only if you’re from Australia and New Zealand, France, Iberia, Benelux, Norway, Middle East, South Africa.




Inside this rather snazzy box, you’ll receive your very own iota plushie along with a copy of the game which includes the ‘Torn Away pack’ featuring a bunch of exclusive decorations, costumes and papercraft to have fun with! Take a look at our previous blog post which details all the sweet loot you’ll get in the Torn Away pack: http://www.mediamolecule.com/blog/article/tearaway_unfolded_release_date_and_pre_order_details



We’re sorry it’s taken us a little while to release more infomation about the Special Edition, we’ve had a bit of cutting and pasting to do behind the scenes but we’re so happy we can finally share more with you today. Not long now till you can all get your hands on it!

The Special Edition will be available in the following regions: Australia and New Zealand, France, Iberia, Benelux, Norway, Middle East, South Africa. We are still putting the finishing touches on the Special Edition, so at the moment this list is not final and could be subject to change therefore we recommend checking with your local retailers for availability as they’re very limited! We don’t want you to miss out!

Depending on where you live, the Special Edition will either be available to pre-order now, or will be available to buy in stores when the game releases next month. Again, we’re don’t know any more specific information on this right now, instead we recommend checking with your local retailer to see what options are available to you. Sorry about that, hopefully you’ll all be able to snag one!

A little disappointing that we won’t see this in United Kingdom or United States though.

Tearaway Unfolded is launching in Europe on September 9th and UK on September 11th

Source: http://www.mediamolecule.com/blog/article/tearaway_unfolded_special_edition

– Murr





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