Geekly Review #98

I’m thinking our weekends are about to start getting a lot more Geeky with the season of games upon us!

As you can probably guess I’ve been playing quite a bit of the 2.0 update for Destiny over the last week. Partly to see some of the new changes and partly to see what the new crucible maps are like. So far, so good I say. The UI changes seem pretty good. I like the new quest tracking system, and how it details each step you’ve completed. I like the changes around the tower – mainly the consoles you can interact with that allow you to see what Exotics, Shaders, Emblem etc that you have unlocked, it also tells you how you can unlocked the ones you haven’t acquired yet.

For me one of the coolest additions so far is being able to ‘field test’ weapons from the gunsmith. What it allows you to do is pick up some weapons from him for free and each one has a quest to complete e.g. get kills in the crucible. When you’ve completed a quest you’ll get gunsmith reputation. Once you’ve earned enough reputation you can request an Arms day package, then the following Wednesday it will be delivered. It’s not yet fully known what it will contain, but it seems pretty likely to be a legendary weapon.


I’ve tried out all the weapons available this week, and I really enjoyed using them, and they look great too.

I also spent a lot of time playing in the Crucible getting used to the new maps, whilst playing a lot of the new game mode Rift. It’s a fun mode, but it’s pretty hectic and takes a little getting used to. I also think that this game mode greatly benefits from some good team work. A lot of times I found that some would pick up the Spark and just run off on their own to try and reach the goal, but would often end up dead. But when you actually let your teams mates pave the way for you, it makes it a lot easier. Still it’s a lot of fun and ‘dunking’ the Spark is very satisfying.


I didn’t get to play on all of the new maps, mainly because it just randomly selects them. But from what I did play I enjoyed them once I got used to them.

Needless to say I’m getting pretty excited for The Taken King – which is a big turn around from a few months back. But I said that I was willing to have my mind changed, and for me Bungie did that.

I also got back to playing a little bit of the Witcher 3. I need to get it complete before Fallout 4 comes along otherwise it will never happen, and now that I’ve finished Far Cry 4 I have room to get another game done. I’m on Skellige now, so making some progress, but I still have a long way to go…

– Will

The weekend just gone was mostly occupied by Metal Gear Solid 5. But I did find some time for some other activities.

On Friday night I opted to spend the evening with my wife. We had bought both the “How to train your Dragon” movies the previous weekend, so we opted to watch the first one Friday night. I really enjoy these films and Toothless is one awesome character. Definitely one of Dreamwork animation’s greater films. That was about it for Friday to be honest. Just that film then aimless TV viewing Friday night.

Saturday I played some Metal Gear Solid V for a lot of the afternoon, but having watched the first HtTYD movie Friday night, we opted to watch the 2nd one Saturday. I personally didn’t enjoy it as much as the first, but it’s still damn good film.


The main event of the weekend for me was Sunday. My wife was out all day, after my few chores I had to do like food shop and washing I spent the rest of the day on MGS5. We’re talking from midday to gone 9pm. It was immense. As I progressed further the missions got more and more intense. The finale to chapter one created some incredible adrenaline moments. I’ll be posting an impressions part 2 post shortly after this GR with thoughts on the game in my play through since the first impressions post.


Now it’s a case of wishing the day away to play it some more in the evenings.

– Murr


The Taken King

It is almost upon us. Destiny’s biggest expansion yet The Taken King releases this week. We’ve got a run through of all you need to know about it here.


We got the announcement of Pokemon Go this week, check out the details here.

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