Sony Tokyo Game Show 2015 Round Up

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  1. drakulus23 says:

    Not a very impressive list. Nothing really blew me away, but I am interested in Nioh, and Romance of The Three Kingdoms. Everything else was kind of meh to me. I still haven’t seen anything that’ll make me want to own a PS4.

    1. Murr_GSRR says:

      Different strokes for different folks I guess. Had it since launch and been incredibly satisfied with it. Quite excited about Horizon and Uncharted 4 myself.

      1. drakulus23 says:

        I don’t own a PS4. I’ve never been an Uncharted fan, and while Horizon does look good it’s not good enough to buy a PS4 for.

        1. Will_GSRR says:

          I’m the same. I’m not against getting a PS4 at all. Just waiting for something to convince me to buy it. There are some games I like the look of, but not enough to warrant the purchase yet.
          No Man’s Sky almost had me swayed but then the PC version was announced, so I will get it on that.

          1. drakulus23 says:

            I was the same way :]. All of the PS4 games that I want are coming to PC, except Horizon, so why get one right?

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