Geekly Review #99

We are less than a week away from EGX and we’re getting pretty excited. We shall be there for three days… well more like two and a half, but whatever!

As you can probably guess I’ve been playing a lot of The Taken King. Oryx has shown up and is all pissed about you killing his son, it’s therefore time to shut him up too!

I’ve completed the main story missions now and I have to say that I’ve been impressed with the game up to this point. The story of The Taken King is so much better than anything Destiny has pumped out so far. The characters actually have some personality about them now, especially Cayde-6 who is played by Nathan Fillion. They have some really nice looking cutscenes – especially the opening one for the DLC. It feels like this is the game that Bungie imagined and what they should’ve released at launch.

So far the expansion seems like a really good addition with a lot of new content to play through – I haven’t even touched any of the new strikes or the new raid yet either. I’ve mainly been focusing on the story, and then doing other things like the quests for both the gunsmith and for you subclasses. I’ve also been playing quite a bit of Crucible too. I haven’t had quite as much time on it over the week as I might’ve liked, but I’ve still been able to get a good grasp of all the new additions.

Destiny 4

Destiny 1

Destiny 2

Destiny 3

As you can see, I’ve been rocking my newly acquired Hawkmoon on my Hunter with the new Nightstalker class – which is a lot of fun. I’m also leveling up my Titan and new Warlock class too, so there is a hell of a lot for me to be playing and I can see myself playing it quite a lot over the next couple of months – which doesn’t bode well for completing The Witcher 3…

As I said I’ve been putting in a fair bit of time playing with the Gunsmiths weapons and so far I really love the look of all the new guns. They have a distinctly different look to anything previously in the game. I also managed to bag myself a sweet shotgun from levelling up the gunsmith called Strongbow-D It looks like a Spas 12 shotgun and is sweet.

Basically, I’m just really happy with what they have on offer. My quest list is currently about 10 quests long and each one of those quests has multiple stages to it, so there is plenty for me to get on with.


This weekend was a mixture of sports, socializing and gaming for me. Friday was the start of the rugby world cup. So that evening I was over a friends house with a group of friends getting suitably drunk and enjoying England starting the world cup off with a win.

Saturday not hungover there wasn’t much planned for the day, so I spent it playing Metal Gear Solid 5 (Surprise surprise). Well I’ve finally completed it now. It took a fair few side ops but finally the important side op 150 triggered. Then following that was the hardest mission of the game. Mission 45, a Quiet Exit. I spent about 3 hours replaying this mission to complete it. I died so many times I had to use the ‘baby chick hat’ to complete it. I was getting so frustrated.

Once the frustration had set and I’d completed that mission, the series of events after were incredible and one of the more memorable parts of the story. Incredible. Onto the final mission which is a massive sense of deja vu.

With that completed I just watched some classic WCW Nitro and then the Japan vs South Africa match in the rugby which was awesome.

Sunday was spent watching the Singapore F1 and then just playing some remaining side ops in MGS5 trying to squeeze as many trophies as I can out of it before removing it from the PS4 hard drive.

As of now I’ve got the Final Fantasy 15 demo installed ready to play, and just received BETA code for Rainbow Six Siege, so some new games to tryout. Unfortunately I won’t be able to say anything on RB6 due to NDA.

As it stands MGSV pips Witcher III and Arkham Knight as my game of the year. Plenty more to come though.

–  Murr

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