Geekly Review #101

Really, We’re already writing the Geekly Review up? They feel like they’re coming round so much quicker now a days. Another weekend gone.

This weekend for me was an incredibly boozy one. Friday night after work I went out for food with my wife. A little while later some friends joined us up and we just had casual drinks, but still a fairly late one.

Fortunately with no hangover on Saturday I went into town to get some new work stuff, some new trainers and spend my £20 game voucher. I opted to buy 2 PS4 games. The Order and DriveClub. However I wouldn’t get to play these till Sunday. Reason being is Saturday we were on an all day session due to the rugby. Stella was a poor choice for a session drink. We were slaughtered. And that’s not just in reference to the rugby in which England were indeed slaughtered. No we drank through till 4:45am which at the time seemed a good idea.

Sunday afternoon when I finally woke up the all day all night drinking was no longer such a great idea. I watched WWE Live from Madison Square Garden while in bed on the Network. I was bed bound for the day so this was a good way to pass 2 hours. It was a pretty decent event. Unfortunately no title changes but that was bound to be the case. The Big Show vs Brock Lesnar match was actually alot better than I had expected. And the main event was really really entertaining apart from the ending. But as said, no title changes were to be expected here.

After that I had kind of come back to normality so opted to play some DriveClub for a while. I’d had an itch for this game since playing Forza at EGX. I know they are different games. But I had the itch for a driving game with great visuals and attractive cars. DriveClub ticked the boxes. I played it for a few hours hitting level 7. Now I never had the game from launch so can’t comment on the bugs and issues the game had. What we’ve got now though seems to be fine. I enjoyed my first tours and got to grips with the driving pretty quickly. The game is stunning and I found myself messing around with photo mode a lot in races.


DriveClub photo mode or an advert for Audi?

I then decided to get into The Order. Again negative reviews on this game. But sometimes you just gotta think reviews be damned. It’s absolutely incredible game to look at. The first time you’re prompted to interact and press a button I was taken a back as I thought it was still video. Really, really stunning game. Once again it features a photo mode which I played around with a fair amount.


In game photo mode of The Order. Looks much much better in higher res.

So with these 2 new games, that signals the end of my Destiny trial. As mentioned previously a work colleague gave a copy of Destiny to try. I installed it, played it for a while. Reached level 9. But that’s the end of my time as a guardian. I just didn’t enjoy it. I know I’m playing it wrong by not going online with it. But I just didn’t ever feel like I wanted to. The missions were all just so samey. Will described it best to me. It’s like playing horde levels over and over again.

Roll on next weekend

– Murr

I was lucky enough to get a code for the Need for Speed beta. So I’ve been playing that a fair bit over the last couple of days. Unfortunately the beta is under NDA so I can’t actually talk about it which kind of sucks.

I’ve also been playing a little more of the Rainbow Six Siege  beta. Thankfully you can talk about this. From playing it over the weekend a little more, I’ve decided that I won’t be buying it… not for a while at least. I think if I could find it for a decent price – I’m talking less than £30 then I would get it, but I can’t see that happening for a good few months.

I have enjoyed playing it, I just haven’t loved it and with so many other top games coming along I just don’t see myself playing it. I wonder if this is going to be the case for a lot of other people? I think with such a focus on multiplayer and the fact that it doesn’t really offer much in the way of single player it could hamper the sales of the game. I know there are loads of multiplayer only games already out there and that quite a few thrive, but I feel  like they thrive so much more on PC, so see this mainly selling on PC – which is incidentally what I would buy it on if I were to get it. Maybe it will have some measure of success, but I can’t see it replacing the PC stalwarts that are already out there.


Destiny has been getting quite a lot of attention from me recently and with me now having three characters to play with, there is no shortage of things for me to be doing. Over the last week I’ve been playing a little more with my Warlock. My main objective with it was to unlock the Stormcaller subclass – whilst also doing the odd quest here and there too. I’ve now finished off the mission to unlock the subclass, but haven’t spent much time actually using it yet. But from getting to play with it during the mission it was a lot of fun and basically makes you feel like a Sith Lord – which is awesome.


I am the storm!

This week I’m going to be working on getting my light level up to 290 with my Hunter so that I can try to do some of the Kings Fall raid on the weekend. I think I’m at about 285 now, which doesn’t sound like I’m too far off, but those extra 5 light are pretty much down to luck, so here’s hoping!

I might also play some Witcher 3…. ahh who am I kidding.


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