Geekly Review #103

So it’s just going to be me for the next couple of weeks as Murr popped off on holiday.

Throughout the week I had every intention of playing The Witcher 3 as I still need to complete it. I did a couple of missions during the week, but once the weekend came along it didn’t get anywhere near my Xbox. I don’t know what it is about it at, I just can’t psych myself up to play it. The idea was that I would get it completed before Fallout 4 came along, but that is looking unlikely right now especially with Halo 5 just around the corner…

So if not The Witcher 3, what was I playing? Well I’d give you three guesses but I think you’ll probably only need one, yup, Destiny.

The Iron Banner returned this week so that was a new reason to keep playing. If you’re unfamiliar about what the Iron Banner is, it’s the multiplayer mode where your armour and weapon stats actually make a difference i.e. the better they are the better you’ll do (in theory).

Pre The Taken King I didn’t play a lot of Iron Banner mainly because it was always really laggy and full of people using Thorn or Shotguns, it was just a bit boring. But I thought I’d give it another try with the new light levels and weapons.


This time around I seem to be doing pretty well. I’ve regularly been finishing in the top two or three and have been having some pretty impressive games. With me being around light level 292, I’m certainly not the highest level so wasn’t really expecting me to do so well. With me playing well I didn’t really want to stop, and that’s why I’ve been playing a lot of Destiny the last few days.

One thing I will note about the Iron Banner though, is that the drop rates for good loot in it – which we were told would be much better this time around, are terrible. I’m at rank 4 and have had nothing good drop at all, which personally I think is really bad. But hey, at least they seem to have sorted the lag and connection issues – silver linings and all that…

It wasn’t Destiny all week though, I also finally picked up Rocket League, a game I’ve been wanting to play for ages just because it looked so much fun. You know what, it is a lot of fun and I think I was actually pretty decent at it to for a complete noob.


Not a bad start to my Rocket League career!

It’s super simple to pick up, but can be a little tricky to master, I was finding that it was a little more beneficial to sit back a bit and see what happens whilst everyone else it jumping around trying to get to the ball. I found that I was actually able to score a few goals doing this as it would just roll out to me begging to be hit.

I can see myself sinking a fair bit of time in to it as it’s just good casual fun.

Another game I’ve been playing a little more of recently is H1Z1. It’s been ages since I’ve played it, but they’ve updated it (probably ages ago) so that you no longer have to buy tickets to be able to play Battle Royale games.

Battle Royale drops in you randomly in the game map with about 150 other players and wants you to try and survive until the last man. After a certain amount of time a ‘safe’ zone will appear on the map which you’ll have to make your way towards as everywhere else will be covered in a toxic gas that slowly kills you. Eventually the safe zone shrinks until you’re in very close proximity to everyone else, making survival more and more difficult as time goes on.

My best result in it so far was about top 15 I think, and that was mostly because I found a good bush to hide in for a while.

I’ve been keeping my Shadowplay running the whole time I’m playing it, in hopes that I get some good rounds and if I do  I will be sure to share them.

Is Halo 5 here yet?


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