Geekly Review #106


Back from holidays for a week, drop £80 on 2 new games. We’re here, the crazy game season is upon us.

My copy of Black Ops 3 arrived early, So I had it Thursday night. There was an update over a gig in size already waiting to install before I could play the game. With that out of the way Thursday night I started Call of Duty Black Ops 3. The servers were an absolute nightmare. I couldn’t get online at all. Now not entirely sure if that’s because the game was a day early, or if genuinely the servers were that hammered and bad. Either way I played the campaign for a while to wait for the servers to get their act together.

I’m playing it on hardened difficulty as this nets you a trophy for each level you complete. I’ll be going in further detail about the campaign in a Blops 3 impression post which will follow some time this week. But for now i’ll say the first 2 missions on the campaign were different, and it feels like this is going to be a very one of a kind COD Campaign.

Finally I got one game online, And I was pleased with how it went. Finishing in the + on kill confirmed and finishing 3rd overall in the rankings board. That’ll do for that.


Nice surprise Thursday evening

Friday night I skipped a night of Call of Duty to head over to a friends house for a night of WWE2k16. I’ve been really enjoying this game since I picked it up, and as mentioned in my impressions post, a lot of this is to do with updating the roster with created wrestlers. Over my friends house he’d got a full Lucha Underground roster downloaded complete with titles and we downloaded a New Japan Pro Wrestling roster while there with belts too. We then spent the evening crowning new champions for LU, NJPW, WWE and NXT. It was much like the first time we played it, good fun, pretty intense with some funny outcomes. The WWE match was an elimination chamber match. I was playing as Dean Ambrose and “3 Kills Kelso (he’s featured on GR before)” was Rusev. We were up against Cesaro, Reigns, Bray Wyatt and I’ve forgotten the 6th entrant. Rusev was the first to be eliminated with Ambrose straight after. We laughed a lot at this but then just watched the rest of the match unfold to crown a new WWE Champion played out by the CPU.

The final 2 being Reigns vs Wyatt. I personally wanted Bray to win. But it was amazing, we were so invested in watching 2 CPU characters battle it out as if we were really watching WWE. Reigns hit a superman punch literally out of nowhere and I thought that was it, but Bray somehow kicked out. He then had momentum and hit the sister Abigail to get the 3 count on Reigns. It was so funny how much we enjoyed watching that.

We then put all 4 promotions champions onto a undisputed champions match. Bray Wyatt also won this.

The Saturday I spent all day creating a WWE Universe mode with NJPW, Lucha Underground, Raw and NXT shows in the week. I designed my own Undisputed championship belt (Which if you want to download search for hastag1 as “MURR”). I figured after about 5 hours on WWE I should probably play more COD seeing as I’d just bought it. I opted for the campaign and did another 3 or so missions before some more online play.


The Undisputed Championship

Sunday I had another lazy day of gaming. After doing a food shop, I got straight back onto COD. I played through the campaign again and completed it some time Sunday evening. As said before I’ll go into more detail on the campaign with an impressions post. I want to play some Zombies and more multiplayer before I post anything about the game. But I will say this, The campaign was one of the most difficult to complete to date. And not because it was difficult, but because it was not interesting in the slightest. More of that to come though!

And to see Sunday out I watched the PPV I missed while on holiday WWE Hell in a Cell. It wasn’t too bad, but I’m kinda glad I didn’t stay up to watch it live till 4am.

Plenty more COD and WWE ahead of me now till Battlefront comes out. Silly season continues!

– Murr

My gaming has been toned down a little over the last few days. To the point of actually not playing a lot at all over the weekend. I think this is partly due to the fact that I just want to play Fallout 4 so badly and nothing else I pick up is dealing with the overwhelming need to play it.

Trials of Osiris was back for the weekend on Destiny and I was really eager to get back on that after having such a blast last weekend. This week’s map was Exodus Blue. Personally I didn’t like this week’s map as much. It felt a little unbalanced. With Trials of Osiris there are only two spawn points one at each end of the map. You will be randomly ‘assigned’ to one of these points for the entirety of the match. The problem I felt was that on this week’s map one spawn point felt like it had a distinct advantage. It was like you could get to all the good lines of sights for sniping quicker than the other team. Obviously sometimes this played to our advantage because we would at that end, but then we would also be on the receiving end at times too.


A redeeming moment in an otherwise poor match.

I think our best run was only three victories before being eliminated, which isn’t all that great really. But I was mainly playing it to get all of the bounties completed anyway so I didn’t mind too much. I’m pretty sure we also came up against a lot more teams who were generally so much better than last week. Maybe that was because we played it earlier in the weekend?

Less than 24 hours until Fallout 4! Is everyone ready?



It’s been a little while since we included a round up of the news from the weekend, but I felt like this week needed it.

N7 Day

Over the weekend Bioware dropped a new video teasing some more Mass Effect Andromeda. It doesn’t really show anything new or give us any new details, but it’s a nice little tease to keep us wanting more.

World of Warcraft

We also got to see the first full trailer for the upcoming film based on World of Warcraft, simply titled Warcarft.

I think it looks pretty cool, but there is a lot of CG in it, and I wonder whether it will be a bit too much. It’s a bit early to judge too harshly though and I will be keeping an eye on it. I’ve never actually played WoW so I’m interested to see how it translates to noobs of the universe like me.


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