Life is Strange Limited Editions Announced


Square-Enix have recently just released the final chapter in their episodic game Life is Strange. With that final part out today they announced a physical collectors edition of the game for PS4, XboxOne and PC.



It’s been just under a month since Life is Strange’s story concluded with Episode 5. We’ve loved having you explore Arcadia Bay with us and the Life is Strange community has been fantastic since the first episode became available for download.

Life is Strange was originally released for digital stores/platforms but today we are pleased to announce the Life is Strange Limited Edition!

You will now be able to purchase & own all five episodes on disc for PS4, Xbox One & PC – releasing January 19th US and January 22 in PAL territories! The Limited Edition features a 32 page artbook (including unreleased concept art), the full Life is Strange soundtrack, plus the original score by Jonathan Morali and director’s commentary! A full tracklist can be found at the bottom of this blog.


I’m pleased with this having not bought any episodes yet as I was holding out hoping for a physical release of all the episodes.


–  Murr

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