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Today Nintendo held their first Nintendo Direct since the sad passing of former CEO Satoru Iwata. There was a lot of intrigue as to how the Direct would go without the charismatic Iwata leading the show. And also intrigue as to what was going to be shown. The Nintendo Direct website did clearly state there would be no NX or Mobile updates, but just upcoming games for WiiU and 3DS.

Here’s a round up of what was shown.
Satoru Shibata is the host of our first direct since the loss of Satoru Iwata. He thanks the fans for their messages of support with regards to the loss of the great Iwata.

There is no tribute but straight onto the games, and the first big reveal:

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD –

This will release on March 4th 2016. There will be a special edition with the newly revealed Wolf Link Amiibo. Wolf Link Amiibo will also release as a standalone Amiibo.WolfLink
The New Legend of Zelda for WiiU is still happening and will still be on WiiU. We’ll see it in 2016. Saved data on the Wolf Link Amiibo will be compatible with the new Zelda game.

2 Zelda games will be releasing on WiiU Virtual Console after the direct (so NOW). Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks.

Onto Zelda TriForce Heros – There is free extra content being worked on for Den of trials. Den of trials to have over 30 levels to beat.
Software update with the new content will be available 3rd December. A Demo will be available14th November.

Next up was the promising looking Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi series cross over – Mario and Luigi Paper Jam Bros –

We now get some more WiiU updates:
Splatoon is getting new stages and gear. Museum D’Alfonsino and Mahi-Mahi Resort. Museum D’Alfonsino will be available from 14th November. And 40 new pieces of gear will be available from 13th November 2015. Splatoon will continue to be updated till at least January 2016.

So far there have been 3.3million courses created for Mario Maker. The announcement here was that there will be a new portal available from December which will make it easier to search and filter courses you want to try. You register a course on the portal as a favourite and then can dowload the course when back on your WiiU.

Onto another big hitter, Xenoblade Chronicles X. A release date of December 4th is given with a new trailer

November 20th Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival Wii U and Mario Tennis Ultra Smash for WiiU will launch.

We’re now passed over to Ed Valiente from Nintendo Europe. He gives an indie game reel.
First is Fast Racing Neo set for December 2015 and a WiiU Exclusive.

Next Typoman which launches 19th November.

And onto Image & Form who reveal their next game, SteamWorld Heist for 3DS from December 2015:

Nintendo Badge Arcade is showm which are some form of arcade games which you win badges to decorate the 3ds menu – Availbe to download after presentation.

A free to play game using Pokemon is shown, Pokemon Picross available from December for 3DS.

Some pretty awesome news up next. Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow are all releasing on the 3DS Virtual Console on 27th February:

A new Final Fantasy game is coming to the 3DS – Final Fantasy Explorers –

And another gaming legend is getting more love on the 3DS. Megaman Legacy Collection for early 2016. It’ll feature Amiibo support.

With that we’re back over to Shibata. He introduces us to Pokken Tournanment. With a trailer revealing Shadow Mewtwo. A Shadow Mewtwo Amiibo card will be a bonus with the game which is available in Spring 2016.

An official release date is given for Star Fox Zero for WiiU of April 2016.

Some more Amiibo are confirmed. Lucas will launch in early 2016, along with a lot of Animal Crossing Amiibo.

Resetti & Blathers will launch in 2016, and on November 20th Isabel, Digby, KK, Mabel, Toom Nook, Lottie, Reese and Cyrus will release.

Another Pokemon 3DS title is show for a February 19th launch featuring all 720 Pokemon. Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon (catchy name huh?)

Hyrule Warriros Legends for 3DS is launching on March 25h and will feature Tetra, Toon Link, King of Hyrule, Skull Kid and introduces us to Linkle ( a female Link). A limited edition available at launch with a pretty cool looking compass.

RPG fans will be happy as Bravely Second End Layer is set for a Q1 2016 launch with a nice collectors edition which comes with a soundtrack, art book and figure.

DragonQuest VII and DragonQuest VIII will both be hitting 3DS in 2016.

Fire Emblem Fates will now have 3 versions available. Yes 3!

And the surprise announcement, Smash Bro’s has some new DLC coming soon. There will be a Smash Bros special broadcast in December, but to hype us till then. Cloud (from FF7) was confirmed as a playable character for Smash Bros.

And that is that, not too bad at all.

– Murr

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