Geekly Review #109

It’s beginning to feel alot like Christmas. Yes okay it’s still November, but GSRR have put the Christmas decorations up.

Friday night I went over to a friends place for some food, champagne and games. Esdevium Games have sent us some more games to review, so I took 2 of the games we’ve had over to this gathering as I thought they’d be good dinner party games. The games in question were Dobble and Timeline. It’s fair to say Dobble went down great. Even before the champagne and beer had taken it’s toll on us we were laughing our heads off playing this game. Everyone enjoyed it. Timeline also went down well, but the round lasted a really long time. You could say it’s because we’re not up to scratch on our history, but in fairness do any of you know the year that the fork was introduced, or what year cats were domesticated to be pets? We sure as heck didn’t. To see the evening out we played the popular Cards Against Humanity. Reviews for Dobble and Timeline are coming soon, So check back soon.


Very infectious laughing

Saturday was a very festive day. My wife and I put up our Christmas decorations with Jingle all the way on in the background. We then watched Home Alone to keep the festive mood up. My wife then dropped the ultimate surprise on me gifting me an early Christmas present. I opened up the flat package excited. I found a laminated piece of paper informing me I’ve got 3 tickets to NXT UK Takeover Tour in Cardiff on December 15th. Pure joy, I was so excited. An unbelievable present that left me speechless. My wife went out of the way to speak to my colleagues at work to ensure I could get time off work for it too. It now means I have to double my efforts in Christmas presents for the wife this year.


“She’s a keeper!”

After all that excitement we watched 2 episodes of Walking Dead as we’re very behind with the latest season. No spoilers in this write up as I don’t think Will’s up to date with it all either. But to give you an indication of what event just occurred in the show….”Holy Shit Why!!”

That night I went to the pub with “3 Kills Kelso” and another friend Gaz. We went out to watch the Heavy Weight Boxing, Wladimir Klitschko vs Tyson Fury. We had no expectation for Fury to win this at all. By the 9th round we were unexpectedly cheering for Fury, and when he was announced as the winner we were applauding at the TV like the rest of the pub. A very entertaining match.

Sunday after doing house work, rather than playing any games I just did a marathon session of Orange is the new black finishing season 2. Absolutely incredible show, and season 2 felt a lot harsher and sadder than season 1. Looking forward to binge watching season 3 now.

– Murr

If you’re a PC gamer you might’ve noticed the Steam exploration sale going on at the moment – I know I did. For almost a year I’ve had Arma 3 sat in my wish list and have said to myself if I see it drop below £20 on steam I will get it. Well it has, so I got it.

I’ve always been pretty interested in trying out a number of the mods available on Arma 3 and that is the main reason I wanted to get it. So over the next couple of weeks I will be trying out a number of them, so you can expect to hear more about them in other Geekly Reviews. The main mods I’m interested in right now are Exile and Breaking Point. If you have any other good ones to suggest let me know!

I’ve also been playing a fair bit of Star Wars Battlefront, whilst I still feel like I’m trying to get used to it I’m still really enjoying it. I think one problem is that I keep switching between mouse & keyboard and controller, but I’ve decided now that I will stick with M&K for any of the normal play, anything that involves flying though, I will use a controller.

Speaking of flying, I think Fighter Squadron has probably been my favourite game mode so far – partly because I’ve been pretty good at it. I uploaded a full match of Fighter Squadron gameplay to my Youtue channel over the weekend. Check it out below – I think I did pretty well!

After a week break – mainly due to the Iron Banner in Destiny, I got back on Fallout 4 for a few hours. I still feel like I’ve barely made a dent in the game and honestly don’t see myself completing it this year or probably within the next handful of months. But I’m actually Ok with that. I want to take my time with it and enjoy just doing what I feel like.

I am a little bit embarrassed of my settlements though. I’ve only built a few things in one settlement and even that isn’t very impressive. I keep seeing peoples creations popping up online and the time people must’ve taken to make them is incredible. Fellow blogger What Rhino Said made a very impressive tree house that I’m very envious of. Take a look at his tour of it below.





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