Geekly Review #114

Christmas feels like it was a long time ago doesn’t it! Oh well, let’s have a quick catch up on what we’ve been up to and what’s been going on, on the interwebs that caught our attention shall we!

Mass Effect Andromeda

I think it’s pretty well known that I love Mass Effect, so any bit of news about the upcoming Bioware title Mass Effect Andromeda will be greatly appreciated by me.

Last week Bioware Lead Producer Cameron Lee tweeted that he’s just played through the first hour of ME: Andromeda. Naturally people stated to flood him with questions and he was nice enough to answer a few of them.

It’s not much, but it’s something, right?! It also means that a portion of the game is in a somewhat playable state which is very exciting indeed. Unfortunately there are no real specific details mentioned, but there could now be a chance that we will get to hear a bit more about it sooner rather than later. One can hope anyway.

Watch Dogs in GTA V

The modding communities for games are awesome, they make some amazing things. Over the weekend a video on GTA X Scripting popped up showing a recreation of Watch Dogs in GTA. It has pretty much all the working game mechanics from Watch Dogs and looks seriously cool. The mod was created by JulioNIB who has also created a number of other mods for games like Just Cause 2.

Just Cause 3

One of my favourtie YouTube channels ThingsWePlay put up a video last week of a simple experiment in Just Cause 3 – simply stand still and see what happens. Check out the results, they’re pretty amazing.

Now for a little update on me. I’ve been playing quite a lot of DayZ again recently along with H1Z1 – need to get my zombie survival hit! I’m working on making some videos for both games to go on my channel, hopefully sometime this week or early next week – time depending of course. I’ve also just finished my first let’s play for This War of Mine, you can check it out here if you want to – things didn’t go too well for my survivors. Next up for a series is going to be The Long Dark and OXENFREE. So if you’re interested it them maybe hang around!


Wrestle Kingdom X

As mentioned at the end of my blurb last week I was anticipating Wrestle Kingdom 10 PPV. Well the lineup and hype was justified as the PPV was absolutely incredible. I enjoyed each every match on the card perhaps with the exception of one which was for the newly introduced 3 way tag team titles. It just didn’t capture the attention much like the rest of the event. Kenny Omega vs Kushida was an unexpected highlight with Omega putting on an outstanding performance.

G.B.H defeating Bullet club for the IGWP tag team titles was a great moment to with all of us in a little bit of disbelief that G.B.H were going to do it.

Shibata vs Ishii was just as brutal as it was billed up to be with plenty of showboating and taking some hard hits and headbutts. Shibata coming out victorious picking up his first title. It was an incredible match.

And then onto the 2 main event matches. Nakamura vs A.J Styles for the IGWP Intercontinental Championship and Okada vs Tanahashi for the IGWP Heavyweight Championship. Both matches were exactly what you’d expect them to be and were both incredible to watch. The fist bump at the end between Nakamura and Styles seemed odd and if it were indicating something, but no one looked into it. The main event kept us guessing over and over who would actually win it. The final moments just an incredible sequence finishers, reversals, kickouts and emotions. Was a spectacular finish to the PPV.

WWE Signs NJPW Talent

And no sooner had the dust settled on Wrestle Kingdom X, news was spreading that WWE had signed Bullet Clubs Doc Gallows and Anderson (which would explain why they dropped the tag titles at Wrestle Kingdom), Bullet Club leader A.J Styles and NJPW top draw Nakamura (which could explain the fist bump at the end of their match, that they knew they were off).

It’s a pretty huge deal if true and Finn Balor who now represents WWE in NXT teasing the Bullet Clubs entrance to WWE (Finn Balor being the creator of Bullet Club in NJPW when he was on their roster as Prince Devitt) caused masses of hype online. Could Bullet Club be coming to WWE and reforming with Finn Balor? Exciting times ahead now for the Royal Rumble later on in the month.


As for myself, not much geeky stuff to report.

I’ve been playing through Uncharted 2, continuing on from my adventure from last weeks geekly review where I’m getting through the Uncharted Collection. Aside from that I also watched Wolf of Wall Street for the first time over the weekend. What a damn good film that was.

– Murr


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