Geekly Review #118

Oh hello Monday, you certainly came around quickly…

X-COM Very late to the Party!

There has been a lot of chatter about the newly released X-COM 2 along with a fair few very good reviews. Needless to say it has peaked my attention. The problem is, is that I’ve never played an X-COM game in my life and I felt that if I wanted 2 then I’d have to play the original first. Thankfully Steam were happy enough to oblige by popping the X-COM collection on sale for a meagre £5.

I’ve not really been in to turn based games before and that’s why I never played X-COM when it first came out back in 2012 I’m not entirely sure what has changed to be honest, but I think part of it is actually down to us playing a lot more board games now.xcom1

I’ve only played a couple of missions on it so far and I really like it. I really like that you can customise your team and that they rank up when doing well on missions, research upgrades to weapons, armour and your base. It’s a lot more in-depth than I thought it was. But then again I didn’t really know too much about it before hand.

I’m also quite pleasantly surprised by how good it looks, I know it’s not the oldest game, but sometimes games age really badly, however I think X-COM has aged well and it still looks pretty nice.


The gameplay is really good fun so far.


Customisation options are plentiful!


My Base of Operations

The Division Mods

It never takes long for PC games to get modded these days and The Division is no exception. The game isn’t even fully out yet and people are already starting to mod it. Over the weekend some videos popped up on Xenthor Xi’s channel of The Division be played with a graphics mod. I actually thought it looked really good anyway, but you can’t deny that it looks even better with this mod.


We’ve been back on the board games recently and our latest review is the brilliant Zombicide from Guillotine Games. Check out the Review below!



Read Dead Redemption Xbox One Backwards Compatible

A game that is often in the top games of all time list, and definitely in the top games of the previous generation. Rockstars Read Dead Redemption is now playable on XboxOne thanks to backwards compatibility. The news was well received, So well in fact that physical copies of the Xbox 360 version of the game were the top selling item on Amazon for a few hours. It’s nice to see Rockstar making moves with their older games hitting the current generation with this and the 3 GTA titles that launched on PS2 now on PS4 store and Read Dead playable on XboxOne. Here’s hoping for Warriors, Bully and GTA4 to make the move next.

Superbowl 50 Movie Trailers…Lots of them…

Well Sunday night saw Superbowl 50. While it might not interest many of our readers, I opted to stay up and watch it despite it being a work night. Hitting my bed at 3:15am then up 3 hours later for work. It’s going to be a long day. But while it’s about the 2 best NFL teams facing off, it’s also about money, and showcasing your product in front of one of the biggest TV audiences of the year. Plenty of movie’s got new trailers during the Superbowl. Below are the trailers that hit.


– Murr


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