Geekly Review #130

We’ve had a nice long weekend thanks to the Bank Holiday so we’re a day later with this weeks Geekly Review, so let’s just get on with it yea!?


Prior to this weekend I had never played Rust in any form, ever. Now I have and I love it.

Me and a friend picked it up on a complete whim as we fancied something sandboxy to play. It was pretty difficult at first as we had no idea what we were doing, but once we started to understand it a little more and started to get our bearings and most importantly actually managed to meet up, it became a lot more enjoyable!


I was the lighthouse beacon and we managed to meet up!

It was time for us to build our first base. We were playing on the Hapis Island map and found a decent little spot not far from a train station/loading area. It wasn’t long before we had our first base up and running.

Things were going pretty well for us, our base was fairly secure, we had the materials and tools to start upgrading. Then in one moment it was all gone. After we’d been out doing a little resource gathering we got back to our base and left the door open – it was just a slip of the mind, we’d been left alone up to this point so I guess we let our guard down.


Our humble first base.

Gun shots rang through the front door and in to my back killing me almost instantly, Ross was soon after. That was it, our base gone. Well kind of. We actually managed to make our way back to and get inside, but the attackers had taken away our building rights and hidden our tool cupboard behind stone walls so we couldn’t re-build or take it back. Lessons have been learned.

We eventually abandoned that base and decided to make a new home. I think I’ve recorded a lot of the footage form what went down with our second base, so I’m going to go over it and see if I can put something together, because honestly it was awesome.


Rust looks really pretty at times

I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by Rust and I really can’t wait to keep playing it.


I’ve also spent a little bit more time playing Hitman, I’ve completed the Paris mission, but only the once so far. The game came under a fair bit of criticism for it’s episode like release and I can understand that, Hitman doesn’t seem like a game where this should be needed. Having said that, it is still a good game. It looks great and is fun to play, there are loads of ways you can complete missions and only having a couple to do actually makes you want to go back over them and try out all the different ways to play it. I must have played the first training mission five or six times just messing about with different ways to carry out the hit.


Captain America: Civil War

I’ll keep this spoiler free as a lot of friends who read this still have yet to see Civil War, but I implore you all to go and see it NOW. That’s one part Marvel Cinematic Universe fanboy saying that and the other part genuinely blown away by how awesome it was. The film is just shy of two and a half hours long, there was no point during that I was bored or even wondering how long the film had been on for. As the film drew nearer to it’s finale I was more so gutted that it wasn’t going to be on for another two hours. I absolutely loved it. I can say without spoiling anything that the newer hero’s introduced to the Cinematic Universe without a doubt stole the show. AntMan and Spiderman were highlights and Black Panther is just one cool character and addition to the ongoing Marvel saga. The airport scene that you may have seen teased from the trailers is where Spiderman and AntMan really shine and steal the whole show there. I’m going away Thursday till Sunday to Gibraltar for a stag do, but intend on seeing Civil War again as soon as I can when back. Oh and I shouldn’t need to tell you this, but just in case, there are 2 credit scenes. One midway through, one at the end. Stay for them, they are worth it and add to future Marvel films.


Netlix Announces Punisher Series

Sticking with Marvel, Netflix confirmed the news that lots of people wanted to hear after watching season 2 of DareDevil. Frank Castle AKA The Punisher will be getting his own Netflix series, And Jon Bernthal will be reprising his role in the series. Brilliant news to hear as The Punisher was one of the highlights of season 2 of DareDevil. His story arc and episodes stood out so much more in the season, so it’s brilliant news to hear we’ll be seeing more of Castle in the future. Assuming that he is part of the Defenders this does make the next few Defenders solo shows timeline a little more all over the place. But ultimately it’ll be worth it to have The Punisher’s season included into the overall Defenders story and season.



WWE Payback

Sunday night the first pay per view of “The New Generation” took place with WWE Payback. The card for the match is actually really stacked with decent matches and was genuinely a PPV I was looking forward to every match. Surprisingly Ryback and Kalisto on the pre-show had a good match mainly due to Ryback’s constant CM Punk piss taking. He drew a lot of heat from the CM Punk’s home town crowd, but relished in it.

There was a scare 3 minutes into the PPV when Enzo Amore hesitated how he would exist the ring on an irish whip and banged his head right back off the 2nd rope on the way out of the ring and knocking himself out cold in the process. The referee threw the ‘X’ up straight away as the camera panned away from the worried looks of Colin Cassidy, The New Day and Enzo’s lifeless body over to the commentators table who all looked equally worried. Thankfully throughout the night we were updated that Enzo was awake and responding, so positive news as the night went on.

Kevin Owens pretty much stole the show as his match with Zayn was a contender for match of the night, then his continued presence on the commentary team during Cesaro’s unsuccessful Intercontinental title match with The Miz.

The main woman’s title match was probably the only sour point of the night, and that’s nothing to do with the performance, just the shitty ending creating a screw job similar in vain to the Montreal screw job in 1997.

As for the main even AJ Styles put on a performance worthy of a champion. We all know he’s a world class wrestler and he certainly showed the WWE crowd who might not be familiar with him why he deserves to be where he is. He made Roman look a million bucks. The match was performed incredibly to the point you actually thought AJ might do it. Of course he didn’t and WWE’s new generation started without a single title change and a shitty finish for the woman. New generation indeed.



Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare & Modern Warfare Remaster

And a bit of gaming news from the weekend. The next Call of Duty game from Infinity Ward has been officially revealed as Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. In fairness to it the trailer for it doesn’t look that bad, but it’s the end of the trailer that gets me the most excited that a remastered version of Modern Warfare one (you know, the good one that started COD console domination) is being added to Infinite War. The downside is so far it seems the only way to get COD Modern Warfare Remaster is with Infinite War as it doesn’t look like it’ll retail separately. Well played Activision, Well played. Check out the trailer for the next COD game below.

– Murr


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