E3 2016 – EA Conference Summary


So E3 2016 officially started with EA’s conference on Sunday evening (UK Time). The day leading up to it was full of leaks from multiple developers including 2 games from EA, with Titanfall 2 single player campaign and FIFA 17 story mode leaking hours before the conference.

But it’s normally a safe bet what to expect with EA anyway. With that here’s what they had for us at their conference:

Vince Zampella is onto the stage first to show us Titanfall 2 and welcome PS4 players to the world of Titanfall. We get a look at multiplayer first.

6 new Titans and Titanfall multiplayer stress tests confirmed. Vince makes a joke about the conference leak from earlier in the day and announces single player for Titanfall with a trailer for the single player campaign. It’ll launch on 28th October

Of course EA is about sports, so next up we get a look at Madden NFL 2017. We’re taken to London where Peter Moore hypes up Madden 2017.

He then goes on to eSports and reveals events for upcoming EA games. Challenger event, Premier event and EA Major events. We get a trailer for the best Madden player in the world and a look at the final 8 competitors of the Madden 2016 challenge taking place at LA.

Back to LA and the general manager of Bioware Aaryn Flynn to discuss Mass Effect Andromeda. A nice behind the scenes trailer is shown, but unfortunately no new gameplay.

We’re off to London again and Peter Moore is back to discuss FIFA. Unfortunately the leaks earlier revealed the single player story mode for FIFA 17, so this wasn’t as big an impact as it should have been. But if it’s anything like the career mode in the NBA2K games, this could be the first FIFA I buy for my PS4.

Peter Moore is on stage talking about the manager in FIFA finally being represented. He goes onto say that the 3 best managers are in the PL, Guardiola, Klopp and Wenger. As Moore gushes more and more about the PL managers, Jose Mourinho walks to the stage. Football bants begins.

Just when you think FIFA is over, Aaron McHardy FIFA producer is brought to the stage to talk about the single player “Journey” mode. Should have ended this with Jose.

Patrick Soderlund is on the stage to remind us of Unravel from last year. He mentions about commitment to smaller developers to get their games noticed. He reveals EA Originals which is a program to help smaller developers getting their games funded, developed, marketed and importantly brought to us.

EA Orignals first game is called FE. It’s from Zoink games in Sweden.

Onto Star Wars with Jane Raymond general manager of Motive Studios. A reminder that we can still play Battlefront and Old Republic. She confirms a new Battlefront, Coming in 2018 from Visceral games a new Star Wars game with new characters and Respawn games working on 3rd person action adventure Star Wars game.

And finally onto Battlefield 1. Not much needs to be said, just look at it.


Has to be said, I was pretty disappointed with the show from EA. In previous years I think Will had them down as the worse conference of them all. And even before we’ve seen the rest, I get a hunch that could be the case again this year. No in game footage of Mass Effect, not much to see about Star Wars. Battlefield 1 is looking incredible and Titanfall 2 does look decent. Fe looked charming much like Unravel did last year, but you can’t feel a little bit disappointed from EA’s showing this year. Here’s hoping the rest of E3 picks up.

All trailers in the post are from Electronic Arts YouTube channel.

– Murr



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