Steam Summer Sale 2016 TOP PICKS

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  1. Drakulus says:

    I never buy anything in the Steam summer sale. I already have what I wanted to get way before it started and the games that are on sale I either already own or have no interest in like Firewatch and Day Z :].

    My friend owns Day Z and I tried it and… it’s not for me :]. Not a fan of Firewatch either. If I didn’t already own Fable I would go buy it. It’s too bad we’ll probably never have another real Fable game…

    1. ROSSPOPE says:

      I’m very much the same about the sale, pretty much all of the top picks are greyed out as I’ve already got them (most likely from a previous sale). DayZ is certainly an acquired taste, even with the factor of Early Access.

      In regards to Fable, it’s such a shame about Lionhead. I loved the original so much, alongside Black and White! THe developers from LH have recently secured funding for their new project Fable Fortune (Hearthstone style card game) if you’re into that.

      1. Drakulus says:

        I’ll stick with Magic and Gwent as my card games :).
        And I see a bunch of greyed out games too 🙂

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