Steam Summer Sale 2016 TOP PICKS

So here we are again. We all get fully on the hype train for the steam sale (which by the way, never seems to come after payday…)

Needless to say I’ve always found myself drawn to the largest number in the green box (we all know the one), 85% this, 75% that. Ultimately I just end up with a bunch of crap I might play one day but it’s more likely to just end up being part of my children’s inheritance. After all, inheritance tax doesn’t apply to your steam Library but it’s value shall remain.

So, my quick fix solution is to put together a quick fix of:

Games in the Steam sale that are actually worth getting…

It’s probably worth noting, that a lot of these will most likely already be in your library, but should one or two of them not be, I’d at least recommend picking them up (don’t forget the lovely Steam refunds policy).

In no particular order..

This War of mine
75% off, down to £3.74 ($4.99)


don’t play this game if you’re already sad…

I absolutely love this game. Firstly, because if I’m away from my rig and all I’ve got is my trusty Macbook, I can still play a brilliant game without having to worry about frames or my lap setting on fire from Apple products struggle to keep calm under pressure (not a dig, but I do use Android..).

The reason I love this game is because it’s not your standard, post apocalyptic, playing as some kind of super soldier type game. You take on the role of a civilian (or rather 3) and have to face difficult decisions that will impact your health, both physical and mental.

“Steal food from an old couple in their home, yes you won’t starve to death, but will your characters overwhelming guilt ultimately lead to depression and the inability to keep their strength”.

The top steam comment sums up this game perfectly:

Send Katia to scavenge the ‘Quiet House’.
The preview says it has food and meds and isn’t dangerous.
Sounds like a good shout.
Turns out it was just an old couple living there, doing their thing.
Walk into house.
Old man begs me not to take their stuff coz his wife is sick.
Feel bad.
Take their stuff anyway.
Go home. Now Katia is depressed coz she robbed the old couple.
Try to get Emilia to comfort her.
Emilia is s*** at comforting.
Katia is suicidal.
I feel really bad.
Decide to go back and try to return their stuff.
Maybe I can give them this diamond I found.
Go back to the Quiet House.
Can’t find old couple.
Go upstairs.
Old couple is dead.
Quit game.
Sit in corner contemplating what I’ve done.

Fable Anniversary
85% off, down to £4.04 ($5.50)


For every choice, come a consequence

There are 2 reasons you’d buy this game at all.

  1. You played the old Fable, and loved it, now it’s in HD then YOU MUST HAVE IT
  2. You’ve never played it and it’s in this list so go and get it now!

Fable is a beautifully crafted open world RPG, forcing you to make decisions to be either good or evil. If you’ve played Fable 2 or 3, then please don’t let this influence your decision as (in my opinion) the first Fable game is infinitely better.

With Lionhead recently closing down their Studios, this game would be a fantastic way to celebrate the incredible games to come out (or not come out if we’re talking Fable Legends..) over the years. This game was a massive part of my childhood and it’s certainly not left any of it’s charm!

33% off, down to £10.04 ($13.39)


“the most visually breathtaking game of the year”

Let me start by saying, I’d put this game on the list even if it wasn’t on sale. Even if it was temporarily increased in price I’d recommend it!

Set it the Wyoming wilderness, Firewatch gave me one of the most unique gaming experiences I’ve ever had. Completely narrative based, you don’t get any weapons, see any players, go up any levels..

With just you and your walkie talkie (and your lovely park ranger on the other end of the comms to keep you company) Firewatch is probably one of the mostly visually breathtaking games I’ve had the pleasure of playing. It also gets you right in the feels. Go and buy it, go and buy it now.

Also, for those that are interested, the artwork was put together by the incredibly talented (and British *cough*) Olly Moss.

75% off, down to £2.75 ($3.74)


Prepare to wake up the neighbors

OK so, firstly, don’t buy this game if you cannot deal with immense pressure, or are prone to heart attacks.

Speedrunners had me screaming down teamspeak (other voips are available…) like a little girl. It’s the most arse clenching, keyboard bashing, cut-throat multiplayer experiences I’ve had in a long time.

It’s basically just a running race between you and (up to) 4 friends, that get’s faster and more intense with every second that passes. A true masterpiece of how simplicity can prove to be the most fun.

Top comments on steam:

Friendships died.

I wanted to play this game with 3 friends. They’re not my friends anymore. 11/10

I discovered this game last year through youtuber BYZE, so I’ll just leave this here for your watching pleasure…

15% off, down to £19.54 ($29.74)


Don’t let the reviews hold you back

Now I’m sure some of you have already made up your mind about this last one. So I’ll make this very clear.

DayZ is in early access. This means that it is still in the Alpha phase, it has plenty of bugs, plenty of frustrations, and plenty yet to be added. If you’re not keen to be part of that process of experiencing a game develop and grow, then do not pick this up yet.


Over the past 2 years I’ve ploughed over 1000 hours into this game, seeing it evolve from a very clunky, unplayable hat finding simulator, all the way through to it’s current state.

So, if you’ve not played it before:

DayZ is a survival simulator. Unlike things like Rust, the Forest, and ARK… DayZ offers a uniquely raw gaming experience that highlights human interaction like not a lot of other games can. You spawn in with nothing but the clothes on your back, and have to navigate and loot your way across a gigantic Baron post soviet state map featuring deep forests, cities, villages and abandoned military bases.

You have to consider everything from eating enough (but not too much) food and drink to survive, weather conditions alongside the clothes you are wearing (as not to get hypothermia), all the way through to what blood type you are should you need to keep your friend alive after they’re close to bleeding out. It provides the most insanely intense fire fights I’ve ever seen in a game, and causes you to put value and consideration into every action you make armed with the knowledge that if you die, you die, and end up right back to the square one.

If you have played it before, but left it due to frustration:

Firstly, if you’ve decided that you want a completely, finished, polished game that presents no user pain points whatsoever then yea, don’t buy this game.

If however, you struggled with performance, or you felt it wasn’t optimised to the point it should be, then now is your time to return. As part of the ongoing engine replacement (bit by bit), the recent addition is the new renderer. Not only have they added in some beautiful visuals, such as the Fog (which by the way completely enhances the immersion level of the game), but now you can go from getting 15-20FPS in a major city, to a solid 50-80FPS on a mid level rig. Personally, I feel that the current state of the game is the best it’s been since day one. Loot is extremely well balanced, and it’s looking more fantastic than ever.

The majority of the negative comments on steam are things like:



I’ve had this game for a few years now. it will never be finished. it’s just a huge scam to buy this game. i wish i could refund this game. Worst game on steam. buy any other game but DayZ.

But in my opinion, I’d rather it take a bit longer and have a sterling finished product, than rush it out for people than can quite happily just go back to playing the latest Call Of Duty, or go and buy a console… (yes I’m an elitist PCMasterRace ballbag).


Those are just my top picks, I’m sure there are plenty other great games to pick up on the market at the moment. Happy spending!



4 thoughts on “Steam Summer Sale 2016 TOP PICKS

  1. I never buy anything in the Steam summer sale. I already have what I wanted to get way before it started and the games that are on sale I either already own or have no interest in like Firewatch and Day Z :].

    My friend owns Day Z and I tried it and… it’s not for me :]. Not a fan of Firewatch either. If I didn’t already own Fable I would go buy it. It’s too bad we’ll probably never have another real Fable game…

    • I’m very much the same about the sale, pretty much all of the top picks are greyed out as I’ve already got them (most likely from a previous sale). DayZ is certainly an acquired taste, even with the factor of Early Access.

      In regards to Fable, it’s such a shame about Lionhead. I loved the original so much, alongside Black and White! THe developers from LH have recently secured funding for their new project Fable Fortune (Hearthstone style card game) if you’re into that.

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