Geekly Review #139

It’s Monday and the Steam Sale is coming to an end. Did we all survive?


I mentioned very briefly last week that I picked up 35mm in the Steam Sale, since then I’ve had a very quick play on the game just to see what it was like.

35mm is a Post-apocalyptic story about two travellers who set out on a long journey in the Russian wasteland, left by people after the global epidemic. The (at this point, unknown) disaster destroyed much of the world’s population. Throughout the game you will be scavenging for supplies, completing quests or missions and exploring the Russian wasteland.

35mm 1

As I said, I’ve only played a very short amount of it, but it seems good. There is no real back story to what has happened and you just start the game by an abandoned hut and go from there with your companion. He seems to be following a set path at a fairly leisurely pace so I think it’s fairly safe for you to wonder off and have a little explore of things and then come back to him – at least that’s what I’ve been doing. It’s got some decent visuals that kind of remind me of DayZ – probably the Eastern Europe thing. Some of the translations are a little rough, but they can be forgiven.

35mm 2

I’ve been intrigued by it so far and I’m interested to delve deeper in to the game to discover what happened because so far it’s painted a nice picture of a post apocalyptic world.

The sale is about the come to the end though and I think I’ve done alright from it. I’ve acquired 4 new games – 35mm, 7 Days to Die, Duskers and Depth – which was gifted to me. So you can expect to hear a little bit more about them over the next few weeks I’d imagine! I’m really looking forward to playing 7 Days to Die, it looks a lot of fun.

Beyond Flesh and Blood

I’ve been playing a fair bit of Beyond Flesh and Blood recently and gave my thoughts about the game last week. You can read up on them here.


– Will

Back To The Future – The Game

One of the games I got for Christmas all those months ago was Telltales Back to the Future the game. The physical version. I’d not played it yet as I’d been busy with other games, but as I was on a little drought of money and other games I started it finally. It feels different to the other Telltale games I’ve played for some reason, I can’t quite place why though. I’ve completed the first 2 episodes so far and have picked up every trophy on each episode. It’s enjoyable and has some good levels with various tasks you need to complete to progress, it get’s you thinking. What I dislike about it though is how damn buggy it is. On episode 2 it crashed and returned an error message 6 times. Twice on the same part which really angered me and had me thinking perhaps I was at a game breaking part. Fortunately though after multiple restarts of the game I progressed and completed chapter 2. This has caused me to take a break from the game now before making a start onto the next chapter. It’s more infuriating in that you cannot skip cut-scenes and the crashes tended to come right after a cut-scene. Oh well, I might have it completed before the years out.


Prison Architect – Console Version

Prison Architect has been out a while on PC. But I’m not a PC gamer at all really, so I miss these little indie gems from time to time. Will mentions about games that sound great fun, but I just don’t get on with PC gaming for some reason so stubbornly wait till they reach consoles and pay triple the price of their PC counterpart.

I’ve done this again for Prison Architect. It arrived Friday morning and the free time I’ve had it’s been spent on this game. It’s absolutely amazing. The amount of detail to the game is insane from wiring for security cameras to creating work schemes for inmates. Blown away by the detail. I’ve played the first 3 tutorial missions and enjoyed them all. The 4th one I made a bit of a cock up in not being able to get a 2nd cell block built in time for my next 40 inmates, but this didn’t make me mad at all, in fact I’m looking forward to trying it again which is a far shout different from Back to the future.

I’ve tackled my first solo prison albeit with a very easy curve to start with $500k spending money and easy inmates that’ll never riot. However I’ve not finished the prison I’m not making money yet have exceeded my daily staff budget so worked myself into a bit of a dead end. But again, not mad about this, in fact I’m more determined to build another prison from the ground up again, but feel like risking it by taking in more dangerous inmates.


In The News:

Wreck It Ralph 2 Announced

One of my favourite recent Disney Animations projects Wreck it Ralph is now getting a sequel. John C Reilly will be reprising his role as Ralph and it’s slated to release in 2018. The plot apparently will be about online gaming. Here’s hoping we’ll still see some cameos from famous console faces.


Every New Title Published by Microsoft Will Come to Windows 10

A bit of news that seems very Marmite (you either love it or hate it), Microsoft have confirmed that every single title that is now published by Microsoft will be coming to windows 10. As a PS4 owner, this is pretty awesome as it means I can play what was once deemed an Xbox Exclusive on my PC (although I’m not a massive PC gamer).

The people that hate it are of course the console warriors with an allegiance to XboxOne. Also being egged on by PS4 fans who now ask “Why does anyone need and XboxOne?” I’ll try to not sound pro PS4 fan, but I have to admit… they have a point. Is it another step into the direction of Xbox becoming a gaming app / brand rather than a console in the future? Probably not no.


BioShock: The Collection

The BioShock games have been remastered and are coming to current gen consoles. It’s perhaps one of gaming’s worst secrets as leaks and such have been floating around all year.

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